Catholic universities develop the link between faith and science

Pope Francis wrote the preface to a book about the history of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, based in Italy, emphasizing the importance of the Church’s educational work.

Vatican News

On the sidelines of the general audience on Wednesday, November 24, Pope Francis was given the first copy of the book by the rector of the university, Franco Anelli, and the ecclesiastical assistant, Bishop Claudio Giuliodori. Title The Magisterium of the Church for the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, it brings together the teachings of the Popes and the Italian bishops which were addressed to the university founded by Father Agostino Gemelli in Rome on December 7, 1921.

In his preface, the Pope assures us that “The quantity and quality of the teachings show the relevance of the Church’s teaching mission, especially her dedication to advanced scientific and professional training in all areas of human knowledge and effort”. He estimates that “The history of ‘Cattolica’ is a shining example of the effectiveness and fruitfulness of the alliance between faith and science, theology and knowledge, the spiritual dimension and the rational dimension”.

Turning to Jesus to Face Today’s Challenges

He urges all Catholic universities to look to the future of the Church’s mission, in which academic institutions have a central place to assume. François explains that “Catholic schools must live out this mission by promoting an experience of the kerygma, dialogue at all levels, interdisciplinary research, a culture of encounter, networking and an understanding of the Church’s preferential option for poor”.

He concludes his preface by inviting the institution to direct its gaze to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, “In which are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge”. “I encourage your academic institution to safeguard the memory of all the care with which the Church gave birth to it and of the rich teachings with which it made it grow, in order to face with renewed vigor the current challenges.”



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