Cash plan revealed. Because they will disappear completely

That’s enough cash, this is the path traced that must be followed quickly: the control of the pockets of Italians becomes an integral part of progress and digitization, this is the scenario hypothesized by the director of the Revenue Agency Ernesto Maria Ruffini during the hearing in the Finance Committee in the Chamber.

“The world is moving towards the elimination of the contane, whose limits are only intermediate steps”, Ruffini explained in no uncertain terms, envisaging as soon as possible a turn in that direction primarily for our country, as reported “Radiocor Plus”. After all, continues the director of the Revenue Agency, “The progressive abandonment of cash, with the consequent emergence of the underground economy and the reduction of the tax gap, represents the premise for the modernization of the country, but also a stimulus toinnovation and the digital economy “.

In short, many beautiful and persuasive words that simply mean a beacon aimed at the expenses of Italians and that in fact open the doors to a new scenario that provides for the total elimination of cash from the pockets of taxpayers. “It’s about laying the foundations for a new tax culture”, adds Ruffini, touching on the theme of the reduction of the maximum limit of use of cash, from the current 2 thousand euros to 1000 in forecast instead starting from next January 2022. Limits that, let us remember, exclusively concern Italian taxpayers but not, for example , how many should arrive in the boot to spend their holidays. In fact, Ruffini recalls, the ceiling in question will be imposed only on “Italian citizens, not foreign citizens who come for tourism.

It is also necessary, recalled the director of the Revenue Agency,“to encourage the use of electronic payment instruments in sectors where cash is still too widespread. This is the goal of the Italy plan Cashless, which provides for a multiplicity of measures “. Even the same body he directed has been busy in recent times precisely to facilitate a digitalization of assistance and payments, with the declared aim of combating tax evasion. Revenue Agency “over the years it has strengthened the range of services offered and user assistance activities, encouraging the simplification and digitization of obligations”, explained Ruffini to the Chamber, “in order to provide quality services and ensure the correct and timely tax obligations by the taxpayers, and establish constant cooperation between the parties based on transparency, which can foster virtuous behavior “.

On the other hand, as regards the request for a postponement of the application of sanctions for the late or failure to send the electronic receipt and the entry into force of the lottery tax receipts, especially in light of the current health emergency, Ruffini specified that the issue concerns assessments that are up to the legislator. However, the director specified that“about 1.4 million VAT operators, out of a potential audience estimated at 1.5 million taxpayers, have already adopted the telematic recorder or the web procedure of the Revenue Agency and are carrying out the electronic storage and transmission of the fees”.

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