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Case marò, the joy of Girone and Latorre: «Now we are free»


Rome – A sigh, a “finally” and no explosion of happiness. When they received the news of the decision of the Hague Tribunal the maros, Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone, had the same reaction: «An irrepressible emotion, difficult to explain, to metabolize»says Latorre. And Girone echoes him from a distance: “I was almost incredulous.” A satisfaction veiled with bitterness. For too much time spent waiting for justice.

“We had been in limbo for eight and a half years, now we are free again,” says Girone. “For me it was a moral issue. The verdict of the International Arbitral Tribunal lightened my heart. I was constantly living with a punch in the stomach. Now I know I’m a free man. My daughter always asked me to go to Disneyland, and I could never please her. Now I can do it. When all this started I was 33, now I am 42 … », he highlights. And he adds: «Now I can regain my personal freedom, unfortunately up to now bound by the very long procedures determined by the Indian jurisdiction. We had been in Italy for four years, but obliged to respect the conditions dictated by the Indiana Supreme Court». Then he clarifies a detail: “Now the Indian Supreme Court will have to abide by the provisions of The Hague, like Italian justice: they should, I say with the conditional, restore full freedom”.

Freedom to do what? Among Max Latorre’s first wishes is to go back to embracing Girone. “I hope to see him again soon,” he says. “They wrote that they no longer spoke, in reality it was one of the many prescriptions that had been imposed on him, such as the signature obligation»Explains Paola, who has been his wife since last year. “Maybe they’ll also give us back our passport so we can regain the freedom to travel,” says Latorre, who has stopped operating since the stroke and cardiac surgery and works in Rome at the general command. He assuresAdnKronos, did not expect it. “I hadn’t had any idea. I was there to wait, of course I hoped for it but I was always down to earth without speculating on the sentence, “he says, sending his «Thanks to all the Italians. I hope that from today on you will start another life ».But they both know it’s not over. “Now we need to understand things better, it’s a good result but now we have to understand what other steps we need to take,” says Latorre. And his wife Paola confirms: «Now the truth can finally surface they will be able to prove their innocence». Hope is still this. But, explains Latorre: «There is so much tiredness. I think I have definitely suffered an injustice ».

Even Girone does not hide past sufferings. “Recognized immunity – he underlines – shows that we had immunity from the first day of this affair. India did what it was not supposed to do, keeping us in prison. I have suffered a great injustice from the Indians. The Italian investigation? Here a judicial procedure will begin and we will stick to this ». Then gratitude. “My emotional thanksgiving goes to all the people who have been really close to us, many Italians who write and call us: their support was very important on the toughest days. Special thanks are due to the team of international lawyers: since they entered our affair they have needed time to heal the misadventures of previous governments in the initial stages, but with this essential contribution we have achieved the desired result “. Salvatore will return to Bari tomorrow: «I only shared the joy of the sentence by telephone with my wife Vania and my children. Now I can’t wait to go home to embrace them again ».

Worthy of the father are the words of Giulia Latorre, Max’s daughter: «We will not celebrate because it is still early, but let us breathe a sigh of relief. One day someone will apologize to these men who have carried on a story for 8 years with dignity and honor, never saying a word out of place ».

July 2, 2020 (change July 2, 2020 | 11:59 pm)



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