Carole Delga Defends “Social-Ecology” and Calls for Refondations in the PS

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Carole Delga, May 9 in Pérols (Hérault). Alain ROBERT/SIPA

INTERVIEW – The president of Occitania defends “social-ecology” to bring the French together.

LE FIGARO. – You support the current Refondations against Olivier Faure within the PS. For what?

Carole DELGA. – The French need hope and we must show them that the left is committed to changing lives. For this, the PS must demonstrate another state of mind and review its working methods. For years, we have failed to create spaces for collective work between activists, parliamentarians, local elected officials and left-wing trade unions and associations. Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol works there in a spirit of benevolence, and not in a spirit of revenge. We are the only ones to have offered a credible alternative to pension reform. It is we who advocate free public transport to support the purchasing power of the French and fight against global warming. This is what I expect from a political party: to be open to all volunteers and to create common ideas and militant fraternity.

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2023-06-04 18:17:48
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