Caricatures. France criticized in the Muslim world, defends its sovereignty

“It is entirely within the sovereignty of our country to say: what is freedom of expression, what is public order, what is freedom of worship, what do we accept and what do not accept, “said Gérald Darmanin on Tuesday October 27th.

The France has been the target of further criticism in the Muslim world because of the will displayed by Emmanuel Macron to tackle radical Islamism after the assassination of Samuel Paty, college professor showing caricatures of Muhammad during a free speech class.

Despite these accusations, in particular those of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan personally targeting his French counterpart, the minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin defended the “sovereignty of France” on Tuesday and his will to fight against an enemy from within.

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Considered an ally of France, theSaudi Arabia condemned in turn the representations deemed offensive by the Prophet Muhammad.

Islamic World League warns of overreaction

In a statement, a Saudi foreign ministry official also said the kingdom condemns all terrorist acts, apparently referring to the beheading of Samuel Paty by a radicalized Muslim.

Freedom of expression and culture should be the beacons of respect, tolerance and peace, rejecting practices and acts that breed hatred, violence and extremism and are contrary to coexistence, is it said in this statement taken up by the Saudi media.

Quoted Tuesday October 27 by the daily Arab News, Mohamed al Issa, secretary general of the World Islamic League, an organization based in Arabia, for his part warned against an overreaction which is negative and goes beyond what is acceptable and only benefits hateful people.

Calls to no longer visit Carrefour

Calls not to go to Carrefour stores are circulating on social networks in Saudi Arabia but they do not seem to be followed.

Of calls for a boycott of French products have also been launched in other Muslim countries but the Minister for Foreign Trade, Franck Riester, downplayed their importance on Monday.

Criticisms against France are particularly virulent in Pakistan, or parliament adopted a non-binding resolution calling for the recall of the ambassador to Paris, but even more in Turkey, or Recep Tayyip Erdogan not only called for a boycott of French products but also repeatedly invited Emmanuel Macron to seek treatment, remarks which led Paris this weekend to recall its ambassador to Ankara.

When I see the reactions of certain foreign powers, I tell myself that the President of the Republic was right and that something creepy existed. in France in terms of the dissemination of a rigorous Islam, reacted Gérald Darmanin on France Inter.

The French called to “the greatest vigilance”

The President of the Republic asserts the sovereignty of the country. I think it should shock all of us to consider that foreign powers think that Muslims in France belong to them. By what right do foreign powers interfere in our internal affairs?, he continued.

It is entirely within the sovereignty of our country to say: what is freedom of expression, what is public order, what is freedom of worship, what is do we accept and do not accept.

Faced with these diplomatic tensions, the Quai d’Orsay invited the French to the greatest vigilance in several countries, notably Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iraq and Mauritania.

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