Cares for Protect will be Integrated with 11 Apps

Illustration of CareProtect Application. [Antara]

The PeduliLindung feature available in these 11 applications will help people who cannot download because their storage memory is full. – Ministry of Health is preparing integration CareProtect. The plan, users can access application integrated careprotect it starting this October.

Based on’s monitoring as of Sunday (3/10/2021), there are only three applications that have been connected to PeduliLindung, namely Tokopedia, Gojek, and Jaki.

Chief Digital Transformation Office of the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) Setiaji said the PeduliLindung feature available in the 11 applications will help people who cannot download because their storage memory is full.

“We are working with these parties to integrate PeduliLindungi into the application. So the application can be used to access PeduliLindungi,” Setiaji said in a virtual discussion held on Friday (24/9/2021).

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Meanwhile, for people who do not have mobile phones, Setiaji stated that his party has integrated PeduliLindungi in a number of public places such as airports, stations, or tourist attractions.

“As stated, in the three places we have reversed the process. For example, at the airport there is already a microsite, so only enter the NIK. If you take the train, it is integrated into the ticket. Then there are tourist attractions too,” he explained.

“So even without a cellphone, you can do it. There are test results too,” added Setiaji.

Here’s a list of 11 apps connected to PeduliLindung:

  1. gojek
  2. Grab
  3. Tokopedia
  4. Traveloka
  6. DANA
  7. Livin by Mandiri
  8. Cinema XXI
  9. Just link!
  10. Goers
  11. What
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