Car news: what a Porsche Taycan can do

“The first time I drove a Taycan, I had my mouth open for everything and how the car does. We are now accustomed to the fact of its existence. However, a constant sense of power is here. And it doesn’t matter if it’s 500 or 600 hp, there are some 530, but it’s clear that the Taycan is a powerful car, ”says Normunds Avotiņš.

It turns out that it is not only powerful, but also enviably successful. As demand for Taycan doubles every year, it became the third best-selling Porsche after Macan and Cayenne last year. So relatively Taycan is the most purchased Porsche sports model.

Although it has four doors instead of two, there is no shortage of sports in this car.

“Acceleration to 100 is 4 seconds. But the best part is that this car seems to be used normally on a daily basis, as long as it can be afforded. ”

Here it is worth braking and listening. The first Taycan, like this 4S, were more expensive at € 100,000, and the later elevated Cross Turismo raised the bar even higher. However, relatively recently, Porsche began production of the Taycan base with a single electric motor and a 71 kWh battery. Such an electric car costs less than 90,000 euros or 618 euros per month.

“In the case of exclusive cars, the delivery time is not the decisive parameter. However, Taycan can be obtained relatively quickly. The promotion models are on site, some are already going to Riga, and for the same price you can order as you wish, only then will the delivery be left until the autumn. ”

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The Porsche promotion also includes the Taycan Cross Turismo. However, this is not the case with all-wheel drive and a large battery, so the monthly payment for a Porsche lease is higher.

“There is enough space here, narrow in the back, but you can live. The Taycan is a normal rack. It is understandably steering. There are other electric cars in this price range, where the first hour goes like raw eggs. This is to get in and drive! ”

When it comes time to charge, the thermal management of the Taycan battery will prepare it for maximum capacity. According to technical data, some Taycan have a reach of almost 500 km, but the real number is approaching four hundred.

“It seems that the recuperation ensures that we can drive about 350 km with 4S. The base will be able to go further because it has one engine and less power. When the mood comes, we can turn that wheel on the wheel, turn on the sport mode, and get what we’ve paid for. ”

Be that as it may, Taycan will never be slower than five and a half seconds. Visually, Taycan Base is not so poor. For example, the stock models have exactly the same 20-inch wheels as this Taycan 4S.


Two years after its release, Taycan is still a unique Porsche. The moment of originality at the wheel has remained. Now Taycan has become a little cheaper. We look forward to the next electric Porsche. Next in line is the electric Macan.

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