Called a beast, this Russian drone is believed to be a big problem for NATO


WASHINGTON – Existence drone S-70 Okhotnik (Hunter) Russia steal the media’s attention United States of America (US). This unmanned aerial vehicle is designed to perform a variety of missions, including as a wingman for Sukhoi Su-57 fifth generation stealth fighter jet Russia.

“The Okhotnik drone is the ‘beast’ of a project that could be a huge problem for NATO after production begins,” wrote US-based independent defense news outlet 19fortyfive Sputnik, Sunday (24/10/2021).

The S-70 Okhotnik drone is a Russian flying wing drone developed by Sukhoi and MiG Corporation. This drone is thought to have some of the same systems as the Sukhoi Su-57.

If the stated specifications are true, 19fortyfive suspects this drone is being developed into one of the most advanced drones in the world. The 19fortyfive also lists its advanced features, including a flying wing shape and low silhouette, complemented by AI capabilities that are expected to allow it to fly without being fully connected to a human operator.

The 20-tonne drone is estimated to have a range of about 3,700 miles or nearly 6,000 km, and a cruising speed of up to 965 km per hour. The drone is expected to carry up to 2,000 kg of ammunition, ranging from cruise missiles and precision bombs to anti-air missiles.

The aircraft has a wingspan of 19 meters, and a length of 14 meters from nose to tail. Its composite material construction is designed to reduce radar signatures.

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19fortyfive points out that in addition to its intended use for attack, reconnaissance/surveillance or early warning aircraft, the drone is expected to be deployed as a loyal wingman alongside the Russian Su-57 fighter. Later there will be up to four drones operating alongside a Su-57 fighter.

“The concept of the ‘always loyal wingman’ is very attractive. There is no doubt that Russia will be able to control four drones with the actions of a fighter pilot. But this introduces a new wrinkle in aerial combat for Russia. The Okhotnik is a beast if the specifications are accurate, and if it can complete all of its tests successfully in the years to come,” said 19fortyfive.



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