Call for projects of the FECODD program: Training Education Skills and Sustainable Development Goals

The 2021 FECODD (Training Education, Skills and Sustainable Development Goals) program, a device in which the CPU is a partner, is launching a call for projects. This call is addressed to teachers, to project leaders on Transition in Universities, but also to students for the presentation of projects or teachings covering the period from September 2020 to June 2021.

This call for projects is aimed at all those who teach and train in sustainable development, trainers and trainers (from primary, secondary to higher education, colleagues from associations, communities and public and private companies. ), teacher-researchers, project pilots dealing with training and education issues related to sustainable development, but also students and even young people (eco-delegates, associations). This French-speaking call for projects is of interest to both North and South countries. We will favor the entries by the objectives (SDGs) and / or by the skills related to SD are privileged

Citizen initiatives flourish in their diversity and a multitude of mechanisms already exist. It is not a question of replacing them or of entering into competition with existing systems which all have their relevance, but of making them intersect in their diversity and richness by providing added value within the framework of the FECODD program.

What added value is it?

This call for projects should allow colleagues invested in the FECODD project this year or in the past, to be able to use the FECODD tools made available, to test them over the period between February 2021 and June 2021. It should also allow colleagues or groups of colleagues, students or independent citizens to integrate FECODD approaches into their own current or ongoing projects. It is also possible to experiment with your own tools by using the reading frameworks offered within the framework of the FECODD program or in other frameworks associating the SDGs and skills-based approaches in connection with Sustainable Development, in such varied fields. that classes, school projects, a specific training course or teaching module, an ongoing project, etc.

Several types of support are offered:

  • Provision of FECODD tools.
  • Collective support seminars between March and June 2021.
  • Individual monitoring of your projects by a small FECODD / RéUniFEDD4 “Certification” FECODD steering group. (Co-construction with the participants based on the criteria indicated on the site)
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To access the call for projects in its entirety, click here

To find out more about the program MEETED

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