Bu Risma Reported to the Governor, DKPP, Bawaslu and Minister of Home Affairs

Mayor of Surabaya Tri Rismaharini. Photo: ANTARA / HO-Public Relations of the Surabaya City Government

jpnn.com, SURABAYA – The Mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini, was reported by the DPD of the East Java Indonesian Advocate Congress (KAI) to the Governor of East Java, the Honorary Council of Election Administrators (DKPP), Bawaslu and the Minister of Home Affairs.

Risma is suspected of committing a campaign violation.

Head of DPD KAI East Java, Abdul Malik, assessed that the online campaign with the theme of “Energetic Online Roadshow” carried out by Mayor Risma on Sunday (18/10) violated PKPU and a number of other regulations.

“The mayor told the residents to choose cawali Eri Cahyadi and demonize the others. Even though the campaign was not licensed,” he said.

Regarding the explanation of the Acting Head of the Surabaya City National and Political Unity Agency (Bakesbangpol) Irvan Widyanto that the Mayor of Risma had obtained permission from the Governor of East Java to carry out a campaign, Malik emphasized that it was worthy of questioning the truth.

Based on information obtained by Malik, Risma’s campaign permit is only for November 10. “In the online campaign, Risma also lied to call Eri her son. I am a legal practitioner, Eri was not born Risma,” he said.

Malik emphasized that the violations committed by Risma on 18 October were serious violations. Risma should have been subject to imprisonment as experienced by the head of the Mojokerto village Suhartono who was detained for 2 months and a fine of IDR 6 million for welcoming Cawapres Sandiaga Uno during the last presidential election.

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“If Risma argued that the campaign he carried out on Sunday, Suhartono was also subject to election penalties for participating in welcoming Sandiaga Uno on Sunday. Incidentally, I am Suhartono’s lawyer in facing the criminal election legal process. So there is jurisprudence that Risma committed serious violations and could be sentenced to prison, “said the senior advocate.


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