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Deferred care can be distressing. The story of little Luna (4) proves that. She was born with a genetic defect that causes her to have about a dozen epileptic seizures every day. And there are more and more. She was supposed to have brain surgery in November to do something about it, but it was postponed. The reason? There is no bed for her in intensive care. Because they are kept free for corona patients.


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Luna spends her days in a wheelchair, with a protective helmet on her head. She can walk perfectly, but the danger is too great that she will have an epileptic seizure and fall.

Her epilepsy was controlled with medication for a long time. Until last year. Then it was decided to proceed to brain surgery. “They want to disconnect part of her brain,” her mother Ellen Dresen tells VTM NIEUWS. “The aim is to ensure that the good part of her brain no longer gets sick. As a result, she should have fewer attacks. And she should be able to make more progress mentally and physically.”


The operation was scheduled for November. Surgeons didn’t want to wait any longer, as Luna began to deteriorate. “But then the government decided that some of the beds in intensive care should be kept free for corona patients,” said her dad Tom Muyshondt. “However, Luna also has to be admitted to intensive care during her brain surgery. That’s not possible now. Her quality of life is really declining. You see it getting worse by the week, by the month.”

Luna is now on an emergency list. But no one knows when it will be her turn. “We are not the only ones experiencing this. There are still people in this situation. This just isn’t possible. We also have the right to care,” says mother Ellen Dresen.

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Luna and her mom Ellen Dresen. © VTM NEWS


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