Bosnia and Herzegovina – Poland. They know how to train. Now they want to win with Poland

Good physical preparation was one of the keys to the fact that the lower-ranked and doomed Bosnia and Herzegovina performed so well in the premiere match of the League of Nations with Italy in Florence. A 1-1 draw for the team led by the former great striker of the Yugoslav national team, Duszan Bajević, who played against “White-Red” at the World Cup in Germany in 1974, is a good prognosis for the next match in LN with the Polish national team.

Among the quartet of teams from division A group 1 of the League of Nations, the Bosnians in the ranking of the world federation are in the most distant place, behind Jamaica in position 49, when Poles are 19, Dutch are 14 and Italians are 13. . In Florence, there was no difference between the Bosnians and Italy. The guests were leading after hitting the reliable Edina Dżeko. They had several other situations to score. Ultimately I ended up sharing points.

Good attitude and a valuable point with strong Italians is the success of the team led by a respected coach, 71-year-old Bajević today. Many Bosnians see a good attitude in the proper preparation for the meeting, which we lacked … Our team followed all the procedures related to the coronavirus, the training was not so good. Bosniaks are different. Eldin Jelesković, who is responsible for physical preparation in the Balkan national team, says about it in the “Dnevni Avaz” newspaper.

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– The right approach is key in preparing for the clash with Italy and Poland. After all, many players are on a completely different level, some are already playing, others are just starting to train, and still others are resting and are after two or three training units. I must point out that all members of the national team have shown that they can and want to respond to the challenges we have set before them. They showed it through training and the match with Italy. I am sure that it will also be good in the “Bilino polje” stadium, the match against Poles on Monday evening. We have self-confidence, we are ready to give our best, so also in this game we expect a favorable result – emphasizes Jelesković.

The good attitude of Bosnia and Herzegovina deserves all the more attention because they play without one of their leaders, who is without a doubt Miralem Pjanić. The new Barcelona player felt worse in late August and it turned out that he had a positive test for the coronavirus. He is now ending a 15-day quarantine period. The Bosnians with Italy managed without him, we are not able to do much without Robert Lewandowski, which was brutally demonstrated by the Friday’s lost match with “Oranje” in Amsterdam. How will it be Monday night now? The match starts in Zenica at 20.45.

Michał Zichlarz

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