Börse Express – MARMIND recognized as “Strong Performer” in Marketing Resource Management by an independent research company


The report identifies MARMIND as a “Strong Performer” among the 9 most important providers in the field of Marketing Resource Management.

Vienna/Chicago (OTS) – MARMIND, a leading provider of marketing resource management software, [gab heute bekannt]
(https://www.ots.at/redirect/marmind) that the company as a
“Strong Performer” in the Forrester Wave™ Report: Marketing Resource Management, Q3 2022″ by Forrester Research, Inc.

MARMIND’s Vendor Profile in the Forrester Review states:
“The newcomer MARMIND’s focus on “plans, budgets and results” is unique in a field of content legacy MRM providers. MARMIND sees itself as a “marketing cockpit” that controls all marketing, starting from its European base. “

The report also states that “MARMIND, like other vendors, invests heavily in AI for innovation, but unlike others, it aims to develop algorithms for different purposes: resource attribution modeling and marketing analytics to measure the ‘outcome’ fulfilling part of its value proposition.”

MARMIND received the highest possible score, which is defined as above average compared to others in the evaluation, in the following criteria:

● Innovations-Roadmap

● Performance (Strategie)

● Commercial model

● Financial planning

● Budgetplanung

● Central platform

“We are honored to be recognized by Forrester Research as a “Strong Performer” in the Marketing Resource Management evaluation,” said Patrick Moser, MARMIND Managing Director. “We believe our position in the Forrester Wave™ for Marketing Resource Management is a validation of our vision to enable marketers to plan effectively and have real-time control over their marketing.”

Der Forrester Wave: Marketing Resource Management, Q3 2022 Report evaluated 9 Marketing Resource Management Vendors and concluded that “At the heart of the Company’s platform (MARMIND) is the integrated calendar, characterized by its ability to target any project, campaign, Being able to source every department, brand, etc. is outstanding.” It goes on to say, “A Quick Start menu allows for easy actions and consumption of any calendar item. Dashboards offer the flexibility of pivot tables; users can create data visualization widgets in any way they choose.”

“Our team’s focus on innovation and ease of use for our customers has been critical to our success. We are very proud to have been recognized as a Strong Performer and will continue to focus on providing our clients with a solution that helps them best manage their marketing success,” adds Moser.

For more information on the Forrester Wave™: Marketing Resource Management Q3 2022 Report, please visit [hier auf der Website von Forrester] (https://bit.ly/3QaCcav).


MARMIND® is a leading Marketing Resource Management platform that empowers marketers worldwide to optimize their resources and maximize their results.

MARMIND® is the only marketing cockpit that enables seamless workflows for planning, budgeting and analysis of results across different solutions, departments and locations, thereby helping companies to make better decisions.

Drawing on an extensive network of marketers and technology partners, we provide complementary consulting, implementation and support services to ensure our clients have everything they need to manage all of their marketing.

Presse-Kit: https://we.tl/t-CGmjwohbqO

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