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Presidents on the bench. The INE puts buts to the consultation and the PAN describes it as a “presidential whim”

Teresa Gil
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The people who voted for this regime on July 1, 2018, were insisting on a popular consultation to judge former presidents. This consultation will be held on August 1 of this year. The program of that candidate who won was primarily based on confronting corruption and because of this the holding of that popular consultation was approved. When determining the plan and the calendar, mockery and attacks on the country’s president were the constant in the meeting of the INE advisers on April 6 at night, in contempt of the people who insisted on the aforementioned consultation. The meeting of the voters was like a session of cheap gossip, derogatory expressions, disqualifications, insults and a prideful approach in the reduction of the polls that will attend said consultation. The evidence of the declarations of the expensive advisers that the people pay precisely, is the support that they are trying to give to the former leaders on whom serious accusations weigh. Various evidence, some that appear every day in the contracts for the dispossession of the nation’s properties; the case, for example, of the Mexican lithium in the process of exploitation in more than 90 percent by foreign companies, due to the concessions granted by the last governments.


The consultation has gone through several vicissitudes since the request to do it was formalized, on the part of senators from Morena, in August 2020. In this formal request, Martí Batres, Napoleón Gómez Urrutia, Néstora Salgado, Jesusa Rodríguez and Citlali Hernández participated. The wording of the same was presented to the Senate, which was approved after changes in its wording by the Supreme Court, last October. In this period it has been mentioned several times, but what has occupied the time of the INE that will now participate in its implementation, is the electoral process. Lorenzo Córdova says that they will carry it out, although they have no obligation to do so. When the plan and the calendar have been defined, the problem that overwhelms at the moment arises, the budget. The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP), perhaps trusts the high budgets handled by the INE, and has not responded to its request to provide more resources. The counselors say that what can be done will be done. In other words, they encrypt the query in “there it goes”. “Nobody is obliged to do the impossible,” Córdova said, seized by legal maxims. For his part, the counselor Uuc Kib Espadas, was more hurtful when he warned, giving the institutions feelings, that this “institutional suffering” will not provide the optimal conditions for its realization. And he also referred to the fact that the consultation is undergoing a “forced reduction in price.” And the one who outright defended his two former presidents was the PAN councilor Obdulio Ávila who, in frank contempt for the people who demand the consultation, pointed out that it is being carried out to satisfy the “presidential whim.” An exercise added, “highly charged with populism and demagoguery.” The exalted defense of the directors, except that of Morena who defended the importance of the consultation, is for the former presidents mentioned: Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Vicente Fox, Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña Nieto. The statements by the defense, burn.

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To put on record his attitude of carrying out the consultation very strongly, the president adviser of the INE Lorenzo Córdova appeals to a famous theory since many yesterdays, which passed through Roman law, the Middle Ages, the Napoleonic code and was inserted in the codes modern civilians: that of unpredictability. To say that in the face of the impossible no one is obliged, then there is no obligation; This is what emerges from that phrase that is applied in civil obligations. In contractual matters it permeates throughout all civil codes as a lapidary phrase. They are blaming the SHCP for not providing resources, as if they were lacking. In that interim, they announce that they lowered the number of boxes that will attend the consultation and the budget that will be used. Of the original boxes of 104 thousand, they were lowered to 91 thousand. And while, as complaining ladies and in defense of their former principals, they blame AMLO for everything.



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