Bomb threats are baseless, voting already secured: GDBOP Cybercrime Chief


A 17-year-old student from Sofia was detained for submitting some of them

Bomb threats in our country are hybrid attacks from countries outside the EU. They are baseless and fake, and the vote is already being guarded. This was stated in the studio of “Wake Up” by Commissioner Vladimir Dimitrov, head of the Directorate “Cybercrime” in the GDBOP. According to the specialist, this was evident from the number of threats and the fact that an internet translator was used to send them.

According to Commissioner Dimitrov, it is obvious that there is some connection with the fact that the threats are directed at places where there are polling stations. “The aim is to sow confusion and fear in the population,” he added.

We recall that a wave of bomb threats closed numerous schools in the country last week and disrupted the educational process. A 17-year-old boy from Sofia was detained in the case. In 3 days, the young man sent dozens of signals all over the country. He used three Internet resources.

The head of the “Cybercrime” directorate at the GDBOP assured that so far there is no evidence of plans to hack the video surveillance systems on election day. Commissioner Vladimir Dimitrov identified a problem in the cyber protection system in our country. “It is left to each individual head of school or government institution to decide for themselves how to set up their website or their emails, which is a mistake. In my opinion, there should be a single state structure that provides this service for state-owned enterprises”, he was categorical.

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Watch the whole conversation in the video.

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