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Blood plasma transmits the restorative effects of exercise to the brain



The neurological benefits of exercise are transferred through circulating blood factors, according to a new study, which shows that elderly, sedentary mice that received plasma transfusions from mice that exercise regularly had the regenerative effects on the brain without having to. hit the wheel to run.

The results, published in the journal ‘Science’, may help identify new therapeutic approaches for healthy brain aging, as research has shown that exercise conveys a wide variety of health benefits in both animal and human models, including the effects on regenerative and cognitive function of aging brains.

As such, exercise is considered useful in promoting healthy aging and mitigating age-related neurodegenerative diseases. However, for some older people, physical frailty or poor health impede their ability to exercise, highlighting the need for accessible approaches that confer therapeutic benefits similar to exercise.

The University of California research team evaluated whether exercise-induced circulating blood factors could transfer the restorative effects of exercise from one mouse to another. They transferred plasma from adult (6-7 months) and elderly (18 months) mice that exercise regularly to largely inactive aged mice.

Regardless of age, plasma from exercised mice resulted in improved function in the aged hippocampus of sedentary mice.

They identified GPLD1, a protein abundant in the liver and induced in the plasma of exercised mice, as a potential blood factor responsible for mediating the effect. Furthermore, the authors show that it is also increased in the plasma of physically active elderly humans.


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