BIZARRE. This is what Netflix’s opening tune almost sounded like

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Anyone who has a Netflix account and anyone who has ever viewed the streaming service with someone else’s profile knows the starting tune. Every Netflix series and movie is preceded by an intense ‘TADUM’. It is almost a precursor to pleasure and spontaneously evokes good feelings.

Yet it could just have happened that the music had been something completely different: a bleating goat. Yes, you hear that right. No, we’re not kidding.

Wedding ring

It’s Netflix’s vice president of product innovation, Todd Yellin, who uncovered the bizarre fact. He did that during a delivery of the Twenty Thousand Hertz pod box. “I was a fan of the bleating goat myself. It was funny, quirky and an original version of Leo the lion (referring to the roaring lion at the start of every MGM movie, ed.) ”, Said Yellin. Nevertheless, the ‘TADUM’ was eventually chosen for two reasons: on the one hand it emerged from a survey as the big winner, on the other hand it was the favorite of Yellin’s daughter. The tune is based on the sound of Yellin knocking on the bedside table with his wedding ring, if you would like to know.

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