Beware of Impaired Heart Function, This Is What Covid-19 Survivors Should Do – A Cardiologist and Blood Vessel Specialist in Depok City, West Java, Andrea Kartika Suryadharma said the Covid-19 virus can damage and affect the heart function of survivors through several mechanisms, one of which is through the ACE-2 receptor found in various organs, one of which is the heart. .

According to Andrea, maintaining self-awareness through health protocols on an ongoing basis is important for Covid-19 survivors.

He suggested that survivors immediately consult a doctor if they experience symptoms such as chest discomfort that is very likely to radiate to the arms, back, especially if accompanied by shortness of breath. Feeling easily tired, irregular heartbeat and even cold sweat.

“It is highly recommended that you consult a specialist who has previously treated you when you were exposed to Covid before, especially if there are symptoms that have been mentioned and have previous comorbidities,” Andrea said in the webinar ‘Heart Attacks in Covid-19 Survivors’, as in a written statement, Friday (4/3).

The doctor who practices at a hospital in Depok City explained that
therapy and treatment, especially for heart health disorders for Covid-19 survivors, depending on the entity of the initial disease and the cases experienced.

In addition, efforts that can be made are maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and improving existing factors can reduce risk.

Andrea explained that the ACE-2 receptor ‘mediates’ the virus so that it can enter the cell. Corona virus infection is able to damage heart cells directly and can also cause further inflammation (inflammation), especially when there is an excess immune response or what is often called a cytokine storm.

This results in damage to blood vessel cells (endothelial dysfunction), has the potential to disrupt the stability of atherosclerotic plaques, and also trigger hypercoagulable conditions in the blood.

“This disorder is very likely to appear with a variety of different ‘manifestations’, but not all Covid survivors will experience it. Based on case study data, there is no specific pattern that can predict complications of heart problems in Covid survivors,” he said. [cob]

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