Beware of Covid-19 Accompanied by Flu for the Elderly

WHO itself recommends flu vaccination done once a year.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — The World Health Organization or WHO has concluded that the corona virus that attacks the respiratory tract is very risky for some people, especially those over 65 years old. Because at a young age, the immune system also weakens.

While on the other hand, there are various viruses around us that are as dangerous as corona, one of which is the influenza virus. In fact, the virus is said to be able to make it worse elderly Covid-19 sufferers.

According to an internist at the Hospital, Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo, as well as Dr. Siti Setiati, based on laboratory experiments conducted in China, the virus influenza A, can change a wide variety of human cells after several hours of infection.

These changes can then be exploited by the virus Covid-19 for attack humans more easily.

This concern does not stop there, due to the similarity of symptoms experienced by influenza and Covid patients, which can make diagnosis difficult.

In fact, if not treated promptly, influenza and Covid-19 can worsen the condition of infected sufferers.

He said, don’t let it be because people are currently more focused on Covid-19, so they think the danger of influenza is gone.

“Make no mistake, these two diseases can become twindemic, meaning that they appear at the same time,” said Ati, the greeting of Dr. Siti Setiati, Monday (6/9).

Seniors who are exposed to influenza and Covid at the same time, he said, can experience very serious conditions. Therefore Ati urges influenza not to be underestimated.

Professor’s statement The Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (FK UI) was also supported by research in the UK from January to April 2020. Based on the research, it is known that of 38 patients aged 60 years and over who were infected with the flu and Covid-19, 23 of them died.

Not only worsening the symptoms of Covid-19, the influenza virus can also cause serious complications and cause death in sufferers.

Bronchitis or pneumonia are the most common complications of the flu. However, flu can also increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, acute kidney injury to liver dysfunction.

Based on the results of a study in China on 93 elderly, acute heart injury was significantly higher in the flu group who died i.e 86%, compared to 54% in the non-flu group.

Meanwhile, IGP Suka Aryana, a geriatric consultant, said that the most deaths from influenza occurred in patients agedover 65 years, which is about 90 percent. Therefore, in the elderly,Influenza vaccination is highly recommended to reduce mortalitycaused by a flu infection.

The effectiveness of the flu vaccine itself has often been proven in various scientific studies. Wrong The only study conducted in Canada showed that administering the influenza vaccine to elderly humans could also reduce morbidity requiring hospitalization.

WHO itself recommends flu vaccination done once a year. Especially for the elderly in the midst of this pandemic. That way, it is hoped that it can protect the elderly from flu and Covid-19 infections at the same time.

“Thus, relieve symptoms and can reduce the risk of hospitalization and outpatient care, which indirectly helps relieve the responsibilities of the workers.” health workers who are still focused on fighting the pandemic,” he said.

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