Between Hollywood fame and € 7 pocket money

If there’s one name Anne Zingle doesn’t like, it’s the little star’s name. “Why don’t you say a young actress or a talent?” Zingle asks. There are a lot of negative things about the term child star. Zingle knows what she’s talking about: her twelve-year-old daughter Helena is often referred to as such.

“A child star like this only became a star through someone, and the Deep Fall actually looks like Drew Barrymore.” Barrymore, now 45, says he got drunk at the

7; age 9, smoked his first joint at age 10, and inhaled 12 cocaine. Then came the collapse: psychiatric hospitals, withdrawal treatments, cures. She gave her autobiography with the title “Little Girl Lost”.

Zingle’s suspicions can thus be understood – precisely because the media, including the New York Times, are currently in love with his daughter Helena. Normally without Corona, the 12-year-old would walk the red carpet in Los Angeles with her boyfriend Tom. Helena Zingle, born in 2008, alongside Tom Hanks, lead actress of the western “Neues aus der Welt”, which will not be screened in theaters as planned, but on Netflix from February 10. She plays a girl who grew up with the Kiowa Indians and is about to bring her back to so-called civilization. She has now been nominated for a Golden Globe for the role.

Helena Zingel caused such a sensation that Penny hit, roared and angry

Two years ago, Helena made quite a fuss as a furious and angry Penny. “Systemsprenger,” about a girl in a foster home and children’s home, was a cinematic sensation for 2019. The film won the Berlin Silver Bear, entered an Oscar and Helena won the German Film Award – the youngest winner in history.

Not only do child stars have a questionable reputation, but so do their parents. The first filed a lawsuit against his mother. Jackie Coogan won around US $ 4 million and made an impact on audiences in Charlie Chaplin’s silent film “The Baby” (1921). Sadly, the mother and her new partner squandered Cogan’s fortune shortly before he reached adulthood. He went to court. Since then, the “Cogan Act” has entered into force in the United States of America. Parents must transfer part of their children’s income to an escrow account.

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The financial risks of growth are mitigated a bit in the harsh light of show business, but there are many other risks, especially in Hollywood. Drugs, depression and fists: these seem to be the usual additions to those who got famous early on. Whether it’s Miley Cyrus (“Hannah Montana”) or Justin Bieber’s musical talent: they both mishandle their popularity. When others are struggling enough with the explosion of hormones, teenage stars must fight for the love of the fans – and lose it when the attraction is lost.

Helena, of course, is ambitious, but it has limits.

But not all star children take – sorry: every young talent – hard. Just think of the successful career of Jodi Foster, who made her commercial debut at the age of three and won two Academy Awards as an adult.

In Germany there are also strict protection rules. For example, 12-year-olds are only allowed to prepare for up to five hours a day and work for up to three hours from that point on. Even in 2021, it’s hard to imagine that they will have to be used as sex objects like Brooke Shields (“Blue Lagoon”) or Natalie Portman (“Leon – The Professional”).

If you asked Helena’s mother what she feared for her daughter, she would hear a happy laugh over the phone line: “Helena, of course, is ambitious, but it has limits,” she says. “What’s important to her is not the next TV interview with an American broadcaster, but having a good chat with her classmates or spending time with her Icelandic mare Hulk.” How do you manage media attention? “Don’t you seriously think that I show Helena the current press review every morning?” Zingle said.

Especially in Corona’s time there are other things that are top priorities for her daughter: “Helena wants to know when the good lessons start again and can finally go back to school.”

Helena Zingle has never taken acting lessons

It shouldn’t be any different from other child actors, which Germany is fortunate in, frankly. Riva Kremalovsky, born in 2008, posed for the camera in “When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit” and had a brilliant performance in the story of Caroline Link in exile. One wondered how well Riva could sympathize with a girl who had fled with her family from the Nazis.

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Julius Wyckoff’s parents heard about an actor who was looking for an actor like young Hape Kerkeling. Julius, born in 2007, went there like 5,000 other people – and got the role of “The Boy Needs Some Fresh Air”. At the same time, he also participated in “Mach dein Ding” by Udo Lindenberg and in the comedy “Enkel für Beginners”. When cinemas finally reopen, he will play the remake of “Catweazle” alongside Otto Waalkes.

But Helena Zingle made the biggest climb. She has never taken acting lessons and doesn’t pay it much attention either. At the age of 5, she shot her first detective TV movie. She became known in “Systemsprenger” for a role that could potentially trigger nightmares. Filmmaker Nora Fengscht developed protective mechanisms: she led Helena into the role in the morning with a so-called dramatic shower and back to reality in the afternoon via the symbolic bath.

Anyone who meets Helena meets a girl who is busy one moment with her math homework and the other with acting stuff. If the scene triggers a wave of anger, imagine there are four at school. “But once I’m in the role, it comes out of me. I can do it after that. ”

€ 7 pocket money

During interviews on “Systemsprenger”, the mother was mainly seated next to her daughter. You don’t do that anymore. “I don’t want to keep them,” Anne Zingle says. Helena is also a media professional thanks to Universal Studios. They sent their training for interview. Helena’s German sobriety did not match the necessary American exuberance. Since then, Helena has woven “cool” or “super” into her responses.

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How did you get the role with Tom Hanks? Director Paul Greengrass told her she looked very genuine. “He also loved my blue eyes and the feelings I could express with just looks. It was important because I don’t speak a lot in the role. ” And one more thing: While acting, the director asked Helena to bite her mother’s hand – like Margot (Helena) in the movie starring Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Hanks)) Do. You should have handled it convincingly.

The mom was there for three months filming in New Mexico. Helena had her own teacher of mathematics, German and natural history. Either way, she practiced English every day. Helena is now in seventh grade. You want to finish high school. His weekly allowance of 7 euros – depending on the class.

Helena Zingel’s model isn’t Tom Hanks

The American industrial magazine Variety placed Zengel on its list of 10 young actors who should have promising careers. But will this happen in Germany? Anne Zingle is amazed at the paucity of shows – most of them are shallow entertainment products that are yet to be featured “System Sprenger”. But Helena’s name is registered with international agencies – in the United States with the Creative Artists Agency, which has clients such as Julia Roberts and Emma Watson. Two projects can become one thing, says Anne Zingle cautiously.

When asked about her role models, Helena recently named the Die Zeit newspaper after her mother, not her friend Hanks. “She taught me very early on to express my opinion, not to let others stop me from doing something, she protects me, she is always there for me. I know from her what a strong woman is. ” I don’t have to worry too much about Helena. What if puberty comes? “Please ask me again in five years,” Zingle said. And laugh on the phone.

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