’s Hands-on Review of the MSI Clutch GM51: A Gaming Mouse that Excels in Both Wireless and Wired Modes While Maintaining an Impressive Lightweight Design

I believe that many players have noticed that MSI won 15 innovation awards with 14 products at the CES show in January this year, and one of the gaming mice named GM51 is particularly eye-catching.

Around 2009, I was still a serious FPS player and even joined several teams to participate in the competition. I still remember that a member of our team bought a wireless gaming mouse from a well-known manufacturer known as the mouse aristocrat at that time. Everyone expressed their envy through Teamspeak, but unexpectedly he changed back to the same manufacturer a few weeks later. The wired mouse caught everyone’s surprise. He said: “It’s really too heavy, I’m not used to it, and the feeling of lifting and releasing the mouse is very uncomfortable because of the weight.” I still remember that I replied to him: “No Will it, is there a difference of tens of grams?” Then… I received my first wireless mouse from him at a very cheap price.

What about the later story? The answer is that I began to understand the weight of the mouse and the importance of counterweight at that time, and it even became an item that I will repeatedly emphasize when I write mouse evaluation articles later. In fact, the protagonist of this article, MSI Clutch GM51 Lightweight Wireless, weighs 11 grams more than the previous generation GM41 (74g vs 85g), but the upgrade of the specifications makes us feel extremely sincere and powerful after this complete play. No wonder at the CES show, this mouse, which is advertised as clean, still won the Innovation Award after gaining another 11 grams.

Compared with the simple GM41, GM51 shows MSI’s philosophy of “Gaming x RGB”, and the Diamond Lightgrips on the side is a good example. MSI endows the anti-slip material with unique cut corners, so that both sides of the mouse have an excellent anti-slip feel and gorgeous RGB lighting effects.

You may be curious, why didn’t MSI make more non-slip rubber sides? I believe that many mouse players should know the reason for this problem, and MSI has also implemented their material science magic on GM51. Anti-Smudge Surface technology runs through the entire mouse shell cover with UV surface treatment technology, which has obvious differences. Easy to get dirty and oily. Coupled with the non-slip material on the side, you can imagine that GM51 will not be a dirty and down-and-out mouse even after two or three years of use.

Compared with GM41, MSI Clutch GM51 also has a big change in the grip. This time, it adopts a fully specialized design for the right hand, and interprets them based on the classic IE and DA. Compared with the relatively low-profile Seniors, GM51 has a relatively gentle angle from the button to the back of the mouse, which is very friendly for three-finger players who are used to the fit grip; and the wide right non-slip area, because of the slight outward expansion design can make Two-finger players don’t have to worry about the little finger being at a loss, and because of the anti-slip material and extremely light weight, the process of lifting and releasing the mouse has a more intuitive operation feedback than the classic predecessors.

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When it comes to mousing, you must mention the engine of GM51 this time—PixArt PAW-3395. This engine has 26,000 DPI, 650 IPS, a maximum acceleration of 50g, and a return rate of 8,000 Hz that was not mentioned in the briefing. The Motion Sync technology Furthermore, the information return grid of this wireless mouse is synchronized with the mouse, and under the sum of these technologies, this wireless mouse not only has a high-speed response, but also has a silky operating feel. I believe Many players who have a slight cold about wireless mice will embrace the opportunity of wireless mice again.

But the author specifically mentioned the engine, because of the matter of lifting and lifting the mouse. Players who play FPS should be particularly impressed. At first, many comrades in the game were particularly resistant to laser mice, and the old IE The MX series of mice are especially popular, and after the laser engine began to be “not so sensitive”, many players who played for a long time have trained the skills of lifting the mouse at a high height and releasing the mouse quickly, and the ability to deal with Picky about mouse pads. After the author did not play FPS so often, in fact, he seldom used the mouse pad, but operated on a smooth desktop, which also made him often think of this after experiencing some laser mice, especially later on as the height became lower and lower. As for often wanting to play CS:GO occasionally, I will be surprised by myself; GM51 is the point of lifting the mouse, which surprises the author, because the light feel and extremely low lifting induction make people feel that it is not operating the mouse. , but a very intuitive and pleasant thing, and even forget that you are operating a wireless mouse.

The connection methods provided by GM51 include wired, BT, 2.4G and can be switched at the bottom of the mouse. The charging stand itself has a patented design, which is equipped with a USB jack and a built-in receiver that supports MSI Swiftspeed. Generally, this receiver is installed on the charging stand and the charging stand can be connected to the computer for use, which is more familiar to everyone. MSI GM51 provides a second option: the charging stand and the receiver are separated. This design allows players to have more diverse usage scenarios and even indoor space applications, especially for players who want to keep the desktop clean , the charging stand can be considered to move directly to the cabinet next to it, and it can also be used as a display when charging (mistake.

The charging efficiency of the charging stand is not clearly marked, but the official said that 15 minutes of charging can provide up to 7 hours of game time, which I also feel quite. As for the GM51, which has a 550 mAH battery capacity and claims to last for 150 hours of game time, what should we do if we suddenly run out of power?

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The USB cable located at the bottom of the charging stand is very important. MSI considerately designed the USB head into a tenon type, so players don’t have to worry about the cable loosening easily in the wired mode. At the same time, it has entered the MSI Snap Charging mode, which can reach 27 hours of game time in 15 minutes, and provides over Pressure and overcurrent protection measures, and during this period, players can continue to play games with confidence.

The cable is also where the GM51 is appreciated. From the earliest rubber to the later braided wire, in fact, it is more like a more durable measure for the mouse wire, but there is no substantial improvement in the operation of the wired mouse, so that products such as mouse wire racks appeared later. .

The Frixionfree cable equipped with GM51 is a good example. It is very light and soft, easy to bend, but at the same time, the resistance of the player when moving the mouse is extremely low. It is definitely the best material for players.

In the software part, MSI is still proud of the full set of integrated software MSI Center. There are three major items in the mouse setting item, and there are three configuration files to choose from. For the button part, even though GM51 only provides five buttons, each of them can be customized, especially under the right column of “Action”: there are options for multimedia, DPI and macro, especially for FPS players. MSI designed the DPI switching at the bottom and there are five cycle DPI designs, you can consider setting the side two buttons that are rarely used in the FPS field as DPI cycle increase/decrease, or like the author: set one of the buttons or even Set the middle mouse button to DPI increase or decrease, and then set it to two to three customary levels among the five-segment DPI levels.

And MSI Speed ​​Shift is a black technology that is convenient for players. Through the simple three-stage control function, you can quickly change the calibration accuracy and movement distance accuracy. Switching to Gear 2 can feel the difference from Gear 1 when playing games. , and the Gear 3, which is advertised as designed for micro-manipulation players… just can’t say enough micro-manipulation and can’t feel the specific difference.

When it comes to MSI’s gaming peripherals, of course, you can’t ignore their Mystic Light lighting effect. Eight modes are provided including customization, and the direction, speed, and brightness of the light can be determined by the player. In the customization part, the lighting effects of the left and right sides and the back of the mouse are provided, and the three directions can be completely adjusted independently. And customize the color. For players who like to change the color at any time to change their mood, the playability of GM51 is really high.

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And if you are a player who doesn’t like RGB performance very much, but is curious about how RGB can help the game experience, then the game synchronization function is worth a try for you! In the supported games, if you have a full set of MSI peripherals, the colors will be expressed according to the events in the game, which is of great help to players who like to feel the sound and light effects, and these color hints can also let hardcore players through Light indication to quickly interpret the current situation.

In fact, for us, GM51 is a mouse that grows evenly in all aspects and has a very good feedback on the user experience. If we really want to find fault, we can’t help complaining that the DPI control is actually at the bottom when we first got it. Single button, but after the solutions mentioned above, it is really a killer mouse product. In the past, there were a group of mice who thought of using counterweights to solve the problem of feel, and some mice chose to increase their weight to a certain extent to express the texture, but after the GM51 points, perhaps the best way Still lightweight? Perhaps GM51 is not as light as GM41, but when I use the GM51 wired version with similar weight, I really feel the difference of 10 grams. On the contrary, the two mice have considerable strength and cannot be distinguished.

Yes, the wired version isn’t worse, it’s on par. For players who have budget needs and are not particularly keen on wireless mice, the GM51 wired version is actually sufficient. The same lightweight, ultra-smooth pure PTFE mouse feet, powerful lighting effects, the same laser engine and the real The GM51 wired version has achieved a good price/performance ratio, which shows the degree of MSI’s dedication to this new generation of mouse; and for the GM51 Wireless version, there is an additional price difference of 900 to 1,000 yuan. Enjoy the wireless capability corresponding to two devices (Bluetooth, 2.4G) and the ability to share the mouse with three devices with one more cable. This alone is enough to attract the author who often needs to work across computers and platforms.

Regardless of gaming or not, GM51 is indeed a good mouse that is easy to use in daily life and can provide full-range performance in games. Perhaps GM41 is enough to meet the needs of many computer users, but if the upgrade brought by GM51 is already It’s not something that eleven grams can describe!

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