Because This Is Why Solar Storms Are Often Associated With Doomsday, JAKARTA – The devastating solar storm that hit Earth on March 8, 1582 is expected to occur again in this century. Often associated with doomsday, what is the real threat of solar storms?

Quoting Detikinet, Wednesday (7/4/2021), for most people, solar storms sound scary. Moreover, this phenomenon is considered as a threat from space besides space junk and asteroids.

Head of the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN) Thomas Djamaluddin, Djamal, said that actually solar storms should not be feared because the Earth has a protector to prevent it. “Solar storms have existed since ancient times. But because the Earth has a strong protector, the Earth is safe,” he said.

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Earth has two strong protectors, the first is the magnetosphere layer or magnetic field that protects it from energetic or high-energy particles containing protons and electrons, so that it does not harm humans on Earth.

Next there is the ozone layer which protects the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Because when solar storms occur, there is an increase in the emission of energetic particles or energetic particles and radiation from the sun.

Recently, people have become very concerned about the phenomenon of solar storms. In fact, when before 2012, people were excited about the solar storm as if it were the cause of the apocalypse. In fact, what kind of impact does a solar storm have?

“Harm not to life but to technology in space. When the satellites are hit by a solar storm, and if the protection of the satellite fails to overcome it, of course the instruments on the satellite are damaged. If the satellite is damaged, then the services that use the satellite will be disrupted, “explained this Doctor of Astronomy graduate from Kyoto University.

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Satellite Interference

So, although they do not harm living things on Earth, solar storms have an indirect impact on life. Satellite-based services have become a necessity for modern humans.

Call it for communication, broadcasting and banking data communications, for example, all of this is very dependent on satellites. “When the Telkom 1 satellite experienced a disruption in 2017, for example, ATMs that used the satellite became offline and many users cannot be served, “Djamal.

Imagine if the one affected by interference was not just one satellite, but many satellites, it would certainly cause chaos. Well, this is what is worried about, so that solar storms are a concern. For satellite makers, they must be able to protect satellites.

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Meanwhile, for satellite operators, they must be able to take precautions when an extreme solar storm occurs. All have been anticipated by satellite operators. But in conditions like extreme solar storms and then the protection system fails, it could be that the satellite system is disrupted, that’s what is worrying.

“If it is disturbed, depending on what function this satellite is. Is telecommunication, broadcasting, navigation or just shooting, then these systems will be disrupted, “he explained.

Source: Detikinet




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