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Reporter Zheng Yinxiang / Report from Taipei

Lulu Huanglu Ziyin released his new album “29”. At the end of the year and the end of the year, he did not forget to present the MV for the emotional song “Emotion No. 1” that took three months to polish from the album. This song was held for more than half a year, after four or five rounds of collecting songs, when I heard that everyone fell in love with the decision: “Oh my God! I want it.” The melody is very nice, but it is also very difficult. Sing; I adjusted the song speed and key for a long time. Lulu sang until the whole person collapsed on the ground during the trial singing. In order to pile up the emotions to the highest point in the song paragraphs, the chorus of the latter paragraph raised the key and then the key, and the mood fluctuated. Da, is a K song that is very suitable for KTV. The MV premiered on Lulu’s official YouTube today (12/30).

▼ ▲ Lulu Huanglu Ziyin’s “29” year-end year-end gift “No. 1 Emoji” MV. (Photo/provided by Universal Music)

In addition to the difficulty of overcoming the melody span, the more difficult is the artistic conception of the lyrics. The title of the song “Expression No. 1” actually contains a deeper meaning. In the relationship of love, the mood rises and falls with the emotions. The deep introverted and faintly turning thoughts are actually hidden behind the No. 1 emoji. When love returns to zero, hatred also returns to zero, and when you recall this love at some point in the future, you may have more expressions. In the MV, Lulu plays two roles. One is the director, symbolizing the rational “I”; the other is the actor, representing the emotional “I”. In the love rehearsal field, he has an audition of “start and return to zero”. This audition of dialectical love, I watched myself repeat this one-man show, even if I used my full strength to perform all kinds of feelings in the inner theater, it could not change the state of love becoming the number one expression. After all, I tried my best to perform this scene, even if I did not take it in the end. To the beloved character, it is not in vain to get a bouquet of flowers from the director, to end the play and prepare a new plot again.

In particular, Mr. Ma Yufen was invited to be the producer of the supporting vocals. She is a very patient and gentle producer. Under her requirements for the words, tone, breathing, emotions, etc. of the lyrics, this song was recorded steadily. It took three days to record for more than eight hours at a time. After each recording, I felt that I could sing better. At the last recording, Lulu couldn’t help crying in the studio, but sang after crying. , But unexpectedly won the praise of teacher Xiaofen, Lulu let go of the big stone in his heart, and confessed to the teacher that he had just cried in the studio; this lyrical song is very different from the previous works of Lulu, full of inner entanglement and struggle. Through this challenge and training, Lulu learns more ways to master singing, and also hears Lulu from introverted to collapsed and completely released his emotions in the line of the song. Everyone hurry up and practice! Let’s go to karaoke!

▼ ▲ Lulu Huanglu Ziyin MV plays two roles in one person. (Photo/provided by Universal Music)

In addition to sending a new MV to share with you at the end of the year, Lulu also posted a po post on the community a few days ago, and compiled his 2020. “If my 2020 is marked with a song, it should be <not perfect "In the article, she said that she has tried her best in all aspects, but it is not perfect, and she is working hard to learn about "balance." In the first half of the year, I had foot surgery and set up my own YouTube channel while recuperating at home. In the second half of the year, I returned to work and released the album "29", hosted five shows, opened a beverage shop, toured stage plays, served as a sports day spokesperson, went to TED speeches, It is accompanied by an animated film, random entry into the Golden Melody Award, hosting the Golden Bell Award… etc. She found that she had fallen into the same cycle for the past ten years. She wanted to do everything, and she didn’t want to lose anything. Suddenly she issued a warning signal from her body, which was a bit overwhelming, and then she felt depressed, sad, sad… These emotions turned into tears after returning home from the video. She herself felt inexplicable, so at the end of the busiest year in the past, she deliberately reduced her workload this year, arranged more leisure activities, and valued the importance of each emotion. Sex, you must have a moment of meditation when you go home every day, remind you to get along with yourself, facing the upcoming new year, Lulu also hopes that everyone has a healthy body and a beautiful mind.


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