Bayern breaks record for season bonuses in Champions League

Bayern Munich this season will earn the highest amount collected in the history of European competition. The previous achievement belonged to Barcelona, ​​which received 117.73 million euros in 2019 – a record figure to date.

The final amount of this season’s bonuses is not yet known, as the Champions League final has not yet been played. However, taking into account the economic distribution carried out by UEFA, it can be expected that the Munich budget will be replenished by at least 120 million euros, which is the largest payment to the club in the history of the Champions League.

UEFA establishes the payment method for results as follows:

UEFA Champions League group stage classification: 15.25 million

Group Stage: 2.7 million wins (16.2 million 6 wins)

1/8 finals: 9.5 million

Quarterfinals: £ 10.5m

Semifinal: 12 million

Final: 15 million

Supplement to the Champions of the Champions League: 4 million + 3.5 million euros for qualifying for the European Super Cup.

The known odds rating is added to this amount. It consists of a payout based on a team’s performance in a competition over ten years. Each club takes a position in the rating, and depending on this, it will receive a certain amount. A total of 585 million euros are distributed. It also adds an amount allocated based on the club’s TV market and various additional factors. Bayern’s bottom line could reach € 130 million in a Champions League season.

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