Basma Wahba goes to a psychiatrist who surprised her with an unexpected offer

The Egyptian media, Basma Wahba, published a new video of her through her Instagram account, through which she consulted her followers after receiving an offer from a psychiatrist in London.

Basma Wahba said in the video: “I went to a psychiatrist, and then I met one six and we got to know each other, and the six came out of Arab origins, and she had a marital problem.”

And she continued, according to what was reported by (Nort): “I sat, talked with her and concluded a word with her, and entered the doctor after I finished, so he asked me, he said:“ Do you work? ”I said if I work as a broadcaster, and he said:“ What are your degrees? ”You said, I am studying Fashion Design and studying Psychology and Sign Science.

And she added: “He told me, why are you coming to me? I told him I am your generation because I am alone in the country and I feel that I need someone beside me .. He told me that you did what was done in the six that before you. I told him that I spoke with her. Normal words, not intended. He told me that you are a base, what is in London, and I want to see your testimony .. I told him that I witnessed it available … He said to me, what do you think you work with me .. You say I work with you, what is a secretary? … I don’t know that I come to you to help me. I help you “.

Basma Wahba took the opinions of the majority about practicing her profession in psychology and husbands problems, or would she return to Egypt?


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