Basel has become a little less attractive for young people – Basel

The most recent survey of young people in Basel shows that the impression that the city is youth-friendly has diminished somewhat. Overall, however, the satisfaction of the young people is high.

The canton of Basel-Stadt has apparently lost some of its attractiveness in terms of youth friendliness. This is suggested by the fourth youth survey in the city canton, the results of which the Presidential Department published on Friday. Last September, the statistical office surveyed around 850 young people between the ages of twelve and 17. The proportion of young people who perceive Basel-Stadt as “very” or “rather youth-friendly” fell from 90 percent to 83 percent compared to the last survey four years ago.

According to the survey, young people in Basel-Stadt are most concerned about schools, the environment and racism. With 60 percent, the topic “school and training” took first place in the worry barometer of young people, followed by “environment, nature, climate and sustainability” with 49 percent and “racism” with 48 percent.

Desire for more undisturbed places

The Presidential Department said that the influence of the pandemic could not be precisely identified in the youth survey. However, the young people rated the lockdown at schools in early 2020 as an obstacle on their way to training and work.

Compared to the last survey in 2017, fewer young people believe that there are enough places for them where they can be undisturbed by their parents and other adults. In 2017, 59.5 percent of those surveyed rated the offer as sufficient, this time it was only 47.9 percent who were satisfied with it.

According to the survey, 95 percent of the young people like living in Basel very or rather like it, which is a high value and also speaks for the satisfaction of the young people. The bank of the Rhine is still the most popular place, followed by your own home.

Around a third does sport every day

Since 2017, however, the overall satisfaction of young people has fallen by three percentage points to 95 percent. The leisure behavior of young people has hardly changed in recent years. They most often engage with online media. An unchanged 84 percent of young people stated that they were on the Internet every day. Between seven and eight out of ten young people state that they listen to music every day and “chill out” about their regular activities.

Around a third of young people do sport every day and around two thirds at least once a week. In addition, the youth survey revealed that young males feel significantly safer than their female peers when they are traveling alone.

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