Basel: Five-year-old girl died after a swimming accident

The five-year-old was pulled unconscious from the water on Saturday afternoon. Two boys noticed the girl in the teaching pool shortly after 3:30 p.m. and pulled her ashore. Paramedics had to resuscitate the child. It was taken to the University Children’s Hospital in Basel in critical condition. As the Basel public prosecutor announced on Tuesday, the child has now died in the hospital.

The previous investigations by the criminal police of the Basel-Stadt public prosecutor’s office have not revealed any suspicions of third-party interference, as the authority further reports.

For reasons of privacy protection and out of consideration for those affected, but also because the procedure has not yet been completed, no further information will be given. For the time being, it is unclear who is the focus of the public prosecutor’s investigation. It is obvious that the proceedings are against the supervisor who was in the care of the girl when the accident happened.

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