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Mei County holds a special recruitment event for the 2023 Spring Breeze Action and Employment Assistance Month

Source: Mei County People’s Government
Release time: 2023-01-31 10:15

On January 30, Mei County held a special recruitment event for the 2023 Spring Breeze Action and Employment Assistance Month at the newly built Baiqi Park Plaza. Wang Jiping, Secretary of the County Party Committee, Zhang Xiaoping, Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee and County Mayor, Dai Huiping, Director of the Standing Committee of the County People’s Congress, and Liang Xinhui, Vice Chairman of the County Political Consultative Conference attended the event. The launching ceremony was presided over by Qi Yonghong, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and executive deputy county magistrate.

At the ceremony, representatives of enterprises and job seekers made speeches, and a 16 million yuan entrepreneurial guarantee loan and a one-time entrepreneurship subsidy of 25,000 yuan were issued to entrepreneurs on the spot, commending the excellent entrepreneurial projects and excellent employment practice bases for college graduates in 2022 , Licensing. Li Yonglin, director of Baoji Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, announced the launch of the special recruitment activity for Mei County’s 2023 Spring Breeze Action and Employment Assistance Month.

In his speech, Zhang Xiaoping pointed out that all departments at all levels in the county should implement strategic measures to give priority to employment, and take the “Spring Breeze Action” as the “New Year’s Great Show” of public employment services and the “Great Gift of the Year of the Rabbit” for the masses to get rich and employed, and effectively lead Lines and bridges are built to help every willing family realize their “dream of employment”, “dream of entrepreneurship” and “dream of getting rich”. The County Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security and other departments must make careful arrangements and carefully organize this special job fair, so as to provide the most effective and high-quality help and services for employers and job seekers. All employing enterprises should always closely combine the personal development of employees with the development of the enterprise, create a good working environment, implement good care for employees, and guarantee good benefits and benefits. At the same time, I hope that job seekers will change their minds, seize opportunities, actively participate in recruitment activities, find satisfactory jobs at their doorstep, and create a better life with wisdom and sweat.

It is understood that the theme of this event is “Spring Breeze Sends True Love, Aids and Warms People’s Hearts”. The job fair is divided into three forms: online recruitment, offline recruitment, and live broadcast. Among them, 68 offline companies participated in the recruitment, providing more than 80 Types of work, 3,750 jobs, more than 700 people confirmed on site. The online live broadcast led 8 companies, 172 companies released recruitment information, provided 9,380 jobs, 1,131 people reached their intentions, and a total of 11,000 people watched online.

In recent years, the county party committee and the county government have attached great importance to employment and entrepreneurship, and have always given priority to stabilizing employment and promoting entrepreneurship. By implementing preferential policies, building employment platforms, and creating employment opportunities, efforts have been made to meet the ardent expectations of ordinary people for employment at the “doorstep” . The city took the lead in opening the official Douyin live broadcast of “Employment in Mei County”, and built an “employment station” and “part-time job market”. The county’s urban new employment has remained at more than 3,500 people every year, and the rural labor force has transferred and employed an average of 75,000 people per year, for 6 consecutive years. It was rated as an advanced county for employment and entrepreneurship in the city.

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