Banana Tree Planting Action in Ciamis, Residents Disappointed Road is Badly Damaged

banana tree planting action
Ringgiana, one of the residents, showed the condition of the damaged road and he and other residents carried out an action to plant banana trees on the route. Photo: Special

Ciamis, (, – The action of planting banana trees on the road by residents in Jatibarang Hamlet, Sindangangin Village, Lakbok District, Ciamis Regency is busy on social media. This action was a form of disappointment because the road around them was badly damaged.

Based on information, the road damage has been going on for a long time, especially when the rainy season comes. When the dry season arrives, the conditions are puffed up with dust.

Ringgiana, one of the residents, admitted that she was very annoyed because the road she often traveled was badly damaged. She even called it a fish pond.

“It’s not like a road, it’s a pool. Because I was annoyed, I uploaded photos and videos on FB. My friends and I took part in planting banana trees and others because they were disappointed, ”said Ringgiana to HR Online by telephone, Wednesday (07/4/2021).

He said that the route was once suitable for passing vehicles. However, over time it has suffered damage, but there has been no improvement from the government to date.

According to him, about 1.5 kilometers of the route was badly damaged. Meanwhile, some have already been cast.

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Not only disturbing passing residents because they rely on that route, said Ringgiana, passing drivers also often experience accidents due to slipping.

“The road is slippery, so there are many accidents, especially when there is no lighting at night. It’s been a long time. The government should step down. Later, if it’s dry, it will be very hot, ”he added.

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He also hopes that the government, through related parties, will act immediately so that the community can get proper public facilities.

As the only public road access to the Sidaharja and Cigobang areas of Purwadadi District, economic activities were severely disrupted.

“This activity of planting banana trees on this road, again, is because we are annoyed. Pity the mothers who wanted to go to the market were disturbed, many were hurt too, “he concluded. (Muhafid / R6 / HR-Online)

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