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Nikolai Tsiskaridze recalled in Instagram about a talented man and famous opera singer – Elena Obraztsova. Today, the artist was to turn 81 years old. The ballet choreographer could not restrain his emotions and shared the most vivid memories associated with Obraztsova.

The actress died in 2015 in one of the German clinics where she received cancer treatment. A few weeks before her death, Elena Obraztsova canceled the tour, although until the last day she dreamed of performing on stage and being with fans.

Only relatives and close friends knew about the diagnosis of an opera singer. Elena Vasilievna was several times offered to perform a bone marrow transplant, but the singer categorically did not agree until the condition worsened.

A few years later, Obraztsova began to relapse, and in the summer of 2014, domestic doctors fought for her life. Elena Vasilievna could only agree to an expensive operation and try her luck.

On December 30, a bone marrow transplant was performed at a medical organization in southern Germany, an opera singer. Due to complications during the operation, an elderly woman had to enter an artificial coma.

Doctors failed to bring her back. The rapid infection of the blood led to the failure of internal organs, so Elena Obraztsova could not be saved.

In honor of the opera singer’s birthday, the soloist of the Bolshoi Theater Nikolai Tsiskaridze addressed her. The ballet dancer remembered the strong friendship with Obraztsova and told the subscribers how the famous singer dedicated her romances to him.

Nikolai’s mother took him to Elena Vasilyevna’s concerts, instilled a love of art from an early age. Tsiskaridze did not even imagine that he would one day be able to go into the house of an opera star, have a cup of tea with her and discuss pressing problems.

“I was sure that everything would work out. When I was asked to bring her cross to the grave in the cemetery, I could not believe it. It is both honor and pain. But all this still does not fit in my head. I’m still the same enthusiastic child from Hall before the goddess! ” – Frankly admitted Nikolai in a personal blog.

Elena Obraztsova was the soul of the company, and many artists praised the gatherings organized by the opera singer. The artist had an amazing sense of humor and was a fan of classic jokes, which she preferred to memorize.

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