Baggage mistake over Easter may cause holidaymakers to lose €200, warns authorities.

As Easter approaches, holidaymakers are being warned about the costly consequences of a simple mistake when checking in luggage. According to new research, travellers who exceed their allowance by just a few kilos could be forced to pay up to €200 in fees. With airline baggage restrictions constantly changing and varying across different carriers, it’s essential that holidaymakers take precautions to avoid being hit with unexpected charges. In this article, we’ll explore the common baggage mistakes made by travellers and provide tips on how to avoid them, so you can enjoy a stress-free and cost-effective holiday.

Travelling can become costly due to the cost of living, which is why it is important not to lose out on €200 during the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Irish holidaymakers have been warned that exceeding the size allowance for hold luggage could result in a significant charge based on current airline data. People travelling with Virgin Atlantic risk a fee of up to €200 this year if their luggage exceeds the size allowance. In comparison, EasyJet imposes a penalty of €17 per 3kg for overweight hold baggage, and Jet2 charges €13 per kilogram. Ryanair charges a fee between €9-11 per kilo for excess baggage. A list of Europe’s most popular airlines and their charges for overweight baggage is provided below. To avoid additional charges, travellers are advised to check the hold baggage allowance before booking, and to consider packing toiletries such as conditioner bars, toothpaste tabs, and laundry sheets. Innovative techniques such as the ‘Pillowcase hack’ have been created by social media users to navigate baggage allowance.

In conclusion, there’s nothing more frustrating than losing belongings during a holiday vacation, and it’s even worse if it happens due to a mistake made during the baggage handling process. With peak travel season coming up this Easter, holidaymakers are reminded to double-check their luggage tags and adhere to airline baggage rules to avoid mishaps at the airport. While it’s unfortunate that some travellers may end up missing out on their €200 because of a simple oversight, taking precautions can definitely save you from such headaches. So, whether you’re travelling solo or with family, keep these tips in mind to make the most of your Easter holiday trip without any baggage woes!

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