“Badr of the long nights” … December 30, the last completion of the moon in 2020, and its brightness reaches 100%

Dr. Ashraf Tadros, the former head of the astronomy department at the National Institute for Astronomical Research, revealed that the Earth will be on a date by the end of the month on December 30, the full moon, and Tadros revealed that the full moon is known by American tribes as Badr Al-Qamar or the full moon of the long nights Or the post-Christmas moon.

He continued: The moon will appear to be a full moon to the seeker and to the naked eye in the period from December 29 until January 1, 2021, as the naked eye cannot distinguish the rotation of the full moon without devices, and the time of a full moon will be December 30, when the luminosity of the moon reaches 100%.

In another context, planetary scientists were able to discover, through photographs taken by the probe “Chang A-1” and “Chang A-2”, more than 110 thousand new craters resulting from the fall of meteorites and asteroids on the surface of the moon, using artificial nerve networks.

It is noteworthy that the effects of small meteorites disappear quickly from the face of the earth under the influence of the process of soil erosion, so geologists cannot benefit from them to study the distant history of our planet, as for the moon, it does not face soil erosion problems, and there remains a huge number of pits despite its age. It reached 4 billion years.

According to recent scientific information, the surface of the moon includes about 5 thousand craters with a diameter between one kilometer and 20 kilometers and about a million craters with a diameter ranging between one and a thousand meters, while scientists from the Chinese “Jing Yang University” came to the conclusion that the number of craters on the surface of the moon increases Many times more than in the information available to European and American scientists, after they analyzed the high-resolution three-dimensional photographs taken by the two Chinese probes.

For this purpose, Chinese scientists used ultra-fine artificial nerve networks that also determined the age of the craters based on the color of the rocks. On the surface of the moon, the artificial intelligence algorithm discovered more than 117,000 previously unknown craters with a diameter of more than one kilometer.

Scientists reached the conclusion that the majority of these craters originated between 3.92 – 3.85 billion years ago, that is, in the era of heavy bombardment when the planets of the solar system were constantly bombed by large and small asteroids, so artificial intelligence helped Chinese scientists to double the number of lunar craters known as Qatar. 1 – 3 km, as well as large craters 200 – 500 km in diameter.



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