“Baba Yaga, the Leading Lady of the USSR, Was Never Mentioned in the Credits of the 90s Hit”

The beloved by many actor appeared in an unexpected way.

Georgy Millyar is known as the main fairy tale villain. The actor played evil spirits more than once: he especially fell in love with the public in the image of Baba Yaga in the paintings of Alexander Row. For fans, the artist has forever remained that ugly old woman, but he also has completely different roles.

The screen star often played secondary characters, but, according to critics, even cameo roles could turn into a true masterpiece. The mere appearance of Millyar on the screen did not leave the audience indifferent.

Many of them did not expect to see a celebrity in the hit of the 90s called “Murder of a Witness”.

In the gangster drama, filmed by Eduard Gavrilov based on the novel by Yuri Maslov “Karakurt”, the actor embodied the florist. This role was so insignificant that Millyar’s name was not even indicated in the credits. By the way, this is one of the last paintings with the participation of the people’s artist.

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