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In May 2022, Avell launched its new line of notebooks on the national market designed for professionals and gamers who want high performance. One of them is the A72 HYB.

The notebook passed by our workbench and now we tell you everything you can expect from it, in this complete review.

Design and connectivity

As we talk about Avell’s new professional line here, the design is much more aimed at this audience than at gamers. Here we see a compact body for the screen size, as well as a more sober look. It has a thickness of 1.9 cm and weighs a 1.7 kg.

The construction is all metal in magnesium alloy, responsible for making it very light. The laptop comes in silver color with a matte finish, which makes it look very elegant and premium to the viewer.

It comes with a backlit keyboard in ABNT2 standard, with RGB LEDs. Here we already have an element that most gamers like. The lights are fully customizable in the Avell Custom Control app, where you can choose the color transition, which shades will appear or if you just want to leave a fixed option.

The machine still has a bar on the front also with RGB lights, to draw even more attention to the details thought out in its design. The touchpad, on the other hand, has a nice area and slides with good precision at the fingertips. Its buttons are included in the touch-sensitive area, to maximize the use of space.

On the cooling side, the A72 has two high-efficiency coolers, one for the CPU and the other for the GPU. The machine has good thermal control and will only heat up more in the central part if you are on a more demanding task. When this happens, the fans are activated automatically, depending on the chosen performance mode.

In terms of connectivity, the laptop already comes with a sixth-generation Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth in version 5.2. On the right side are two USB 3.1 ports and the memory card reader. On the left, there is another USB, in addition to the microphone input and headphone output. At the back, there is the source input, the HDMI port, the cable internet input and a USB Type-C, with Thunderbolt technology.

In the box, in addition to the notebook itself, you will find only the power supply, the power cable and the user manual.


Moving on to the multimedia part, here we have a 15.6-inch WVA-type LCD screen. That means it won’t let you down in the very wide field of view. The panel is still anti-reflective, which doesn’t let it turn into a mirror, if it’s against the light.

The resolution is Quad HD, with 2560 x 1440 pixels. The refresh rate reaches a total of 240 Hz, to give great fluidity, whether in professional demands or in games.

The brightness of 300 nits pleases even those who want a very high brightness, but may not be as accurate for those who prefer a low setting. The colors cover 100% fidelity of the sRGB standard. We’ve noticed a greater finesse in tone calibration here, but we were expecting deeper blacks. In any case, what we have is more than satisfactory.

The edges around the panel are very thin, which helps to extend the frontal enjoyment. Also, the top is where the Full HD webcam is. This camera has above average results, but lacks greater customization of captures.

It has a sound system consisting of two stereo speakers. Each is located on one side of the notebook at the bottom. We found considerable power and great balance between bass, mids and treble, without having to rely on an equalizer. But if you prefer, Dolby Atmos can make the experience even more immersive.

Hardware e software

The seventy-two HYB comes equipped with a 12th generation Intel Core i7 H-series processor. It is accompanied by an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070Ti GPU, with 8 GB of dedicated memory.

This drive we tested has 16GB of RAM, with support for up to 64GB. In addition, there is a 512GB M.2 SSD, with an additional slot in case you want to expand the storage.

As this is a machine aimed at advanced professional use and demanding games, the native space ends up being insufficient to meet everything you will need. Therefore, taking advantage of the extra slot may be necessary in a short time of use.

The problem is that there is no easier opening for this task. You will need to open the entire base to place the additional SSD.


If there’s one point this notebook doesn’t disappoint, it’s performance. The machine has a button next to the power key to switch between office, gaming and turbo mode.

As you change the configuration, it overclocks the processor, to deliver the limit of possible performance and make the coolers more powerful, which will also increase their noise.

And we’ve seen that it really makes a difference in benchmarks. An example is 3DMark, which was below 5,000 points in normal mode, but when you put it in the turbo option, the score exceeds 10,000. In PCMark, he registered around 7,000 points, highlighting the results in the creation of digital content, something that demands more from the machine.

We also ran Geekbench in turbo mode and saw that it almost hits 12,000 multi-core points, double that when measured without overclocking.

In video editing, we tested exporting a 4K media file of nearly four minutes, at a bitrate of 40MB/s. Here we didn’t feel much difference between the settings, and we had more than an hour of runtime in both situations.


Although the HYB line is focused on professional use, several elements also depend on the gamer audience, from the aforementioned RGB LEDs to overclocking modes. That’s why we tested a list of games from different genres to see how the A72 performs in these situations.

We noticed that the hardware boost allows you to run all games at full Quad HD resolution without any problems. We started with Street Fighter V. Because it is limited to 60 fps, it will always be locked at maximum. The good thing is that you can take the opportunity to leave all the visual resources on the limit, without worrying about possible drops in frames per second.

Moving on to the basic Fall Guys Battle Royale, we always have rates above 160 fps with great graphic quality and without affecting the amount of players online at the same time.

In CS:GO, the experience was even better. Frames per second were above 200 most of the time, which means an ideal environment to enjoy a first-person shooter at its best.

In God of War, we had oscillations between 80 and 120 fps. But here, the highlight is the Ray Tracing technology, supported by the GPU of this machine, which makes the scenarios much more realistic.

Light and shadow technology can also be exploited beautifully in DOOM Eternal’s graphics. The feature allows you to greatly increase the immersion of the player in the frenetic environment that it already offers, not to mention that it always stays at an average of 120 fps.

In games where framerates aren’t the issue, like Rocket League and Minecraft Dungeons, the biggest difference we see is in the quality of the game’s textures. You can apply everything the game offers graphics, to have an even more beautiful experience, whether in offline adventure or online matches.

Finally, the only title that we had a hard time executing was in NBA 2K21. It only ran in HD quality and crashed whenever we tried to switch to a higher resolution. A problem that seems to be more with the game itself than with the machine.


Battery is not usually the strong point of high-performance notebooks, and here it is no different with the four-cell one of this model. To find out how much it yields in practice, we did two tests on the Avell A72.

The first was only while running a direct game, in Full HD resolution. In this test, the laptop took exactly one hour to fully discharge.

The other consists of simulating a working day, with alternative access to navigation, text production and communication programs. In this second, the autonomy was 3 hours and 50 minutes, still a time considered low, but we expected something higher.

When we start charging, how will your 230W charger behave? Again, we don’t see the ideal result. The laptop took around 2 and a half hours to complete the process. Great time for the autonomy it offers.

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Final considerations

Would this be the perfect notebook for even the most demanding of users? Well, it is clear that we saw more qualities than defects in it. The Avell A72 offers a sober, compact and light design for the size of the monitor, in addition to having extra elements such as RGB lights on the keyboard and on the front of the body.

In the multimedia part, it also has a high-quality screen with a great viewing angle, in addition to a powerful sound system that balances the different frequencies.

In terms of performance, we see both a more modest mode, for well-done basic actions, as well as other alternatives that give a considerable performance gain, whether in heavy tasks or in quite demanding games.

But not everything is rosy around here. The battery is perhaps the biggest weakness of this device. It yields little time, even when used for work on moderate tasks, and takes a long time to reach 100%.

The storage could also be bigger for his proposal and can make you dependent on buying another SSD to occupy the second slot, if you don’t have some external option to store your files.

low storageLow battery lifegreat loading timehigh price



It is worth it?

This laptop from Avell hit the market for a suggested price starting at R$14,299. That is, for you to have all this power, you will need to pay considerable money. Anyway, the hardware responds well to meet everything you need.

If you want something with a bigger battery and a more gamer design, you can choose the Dell G15-5515, a machine that has an AMD Ryzen 7 processor and RTX 3060, not far from the Avell. If you want to save a little more and keep it with an Intel CPU, you can opt for an Acer Predator Helios 300.

Do you consider this machine a good option in the domestic market? What is your assessment of all the features it delivers? You can tell us everything in the space below.

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