Athletic Indartuz criticizes Jon Uriarte’s presidency and lack of dialogue

Three weeks after one year of Jon Uriarte’s clear victory at the polls In the elections for the presidency of the rojiblanca entity, the current situation of the club does not resemble the one drawn by the Bilbao businessman during the campaign that led him to Ibaigane’s chair. At least that is how the Athletic Indartuz collective understands it. In a statement entitled ‘An Athletic in the cloud’, Signed, among others, by Jone Goirizelaia, Txemi Gorostiza, Eba Ferreira, Juan Carlos Iza and Ibon Cabo, this group of partners denounces Uriarte’s lack of dialogue and urges him to put his feet on the ground. “Athletic has lived in a kind of permanent cloud in recent years. In a perpetual marketing campaign, Athletic where the social roots, the sense of belonging and the elements of cohesion do not end up connecting, beyond the show, with the day-to-day life of the club and with the values ​​through its youth system. It seems that the practical implementation of electoral projects is complicated when different ideas are projected from the Ibaigane bunker to the boards that take power with the utmost enthusiasm and professionalism”, highlights the group.

From Athletic Indartuz they consider that the sporting situation, in terms of the men’s first team, “is increasingly worrying and when the last days arrive, the competitiveness disappears and they always leave us with an oops! in the mouth”. “At the same time, the renewal policy and, above all, its communication and embodiment in symbols, is being questioned by some fans. Perhaps explaining the statistical numbers to defend certain players, makes doubts about interests arise when it is not done with respect to all the others. Do you want to deprive the first men’s squad of leadership to simplify what has been called renewals by objectives? With the results obtained by the first team, in the next budget the amount to be charged by the first team will be considerably reduced. Or will it just be a product of non-renewals? The rock and roll of the first and with the first team is not even a rhythmic waltz”, denounce these rojiblancos members.

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Uriarte’s style

They also criticize Uriarte’s lack of dialogue: “It never ceases to surprise that a president who claims to be everyone’s, unlike the rest of his predecessors, has not spoken with social groups that try to contribute different issues. In our case, our intention has always been to contribute positively as we have done with all the previous presidents. But it is inevitable that at this point we take a little look back and compare without fear. This comparison leads us to verify that words and deeds do not go hand in hand, we can say that to date we have not had any meetings with the president or with the people on the board of directors. During the electoral campaign our president told us not to politicize and not to mix Athletic, politics and sport, but We have been able to observe how politics is creeping into sport at Athletic in a very sneaky way. Of course, this idea only serves, from our point of view, as an excuse to cover up a total lack of dialogue”.

Athletic Indartuz also warns about the situation of the women’s team: “It has not had its best year. Without a doubt, you need an analysis of the current situation and a strategic plan for the future in the short and medium term. In addition, trying to masculinize the structures, believing that it is a competition between coaches of greater or lesser quality, is a mistake. Women’s football not only needs training, but rather a professional and differentiated construction directed from a feminist perspective”. As for the quarry, these partners assure that “it collapses without us knowing what the current project is. We are facing a colossal reform of sports facilities, undertaken by the previous board, of which we do not know what has been reflected in the evaluation of sports and educational performance. A new building, a new residence…many contributions, without being informed about the improvements already applied on a day-to-day basis. Even today, we still do not have a sports director and without knowing whose responsibility it is because the appointments do not seem to even have the endorsement of the entire current board of directors.

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Marketing actions

“With an erratic sports policy, Athletic seeks its space in the institutional sphere without much success. On the one hand, trying to recover his relationship with the league based on the carrot and stick technique. On the other hand and as a consequence of the above, there has been a loss of trust with the RFEF and some bad arbitration assignments around VAR and the pitch in recent days. And it is that the return to a communicative policy without direct relations with groups and people and the lack of presence in the federative bodies, cannot be covered with the permanent hyper exposure of certain sports symbols, tributes are made that are not participatory, only mere passive marketing actions for viewers. The social mass only watches ”, they add from the aforementioned group, which sends a clear message to Uriarte: “It is time to come down from the cloud. Living so high up makes us sometimes not be able to distinguish between the strata that bring rain and those that may be passing through. Unity inside and outside the club must be sought by touching ground and being close to strengthening our strengths. We are eager to know the current project once the harvest time is over. We are delighted to always contribute positively, putting the interests of the club above all else. The pacts between the usual ones almost always lead to doing the usual thing. The soccer space has changed and requires greater depth in decisions. Always protecting what makes us unique”.

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