Astrid Stockman’s thong and a promise from our editor: this was “The smartest person in the world”

Soprano Astrid Stockman made her comeback tonight in “The Smartest Human Being”. Quizmaster Erik Van Looy immediately took the opportunity to ask her to sing a song from time to time. Of course, questions and answers were also asked. Our managing editor Liesbeth Van Impe also made a promise to Van Looy and the viewers during a strong moment.

Desmytere of the road

Today at 10:15 pm

The winner tonight:

The three candidates stayed close all night, but Astrid Stockman sprinted to victory in the video round.

The loser:

After a thrilling final against Bart Cannaerts, it’s over for our editor-in-chief Liesbeth Van Impe for the moment.

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The newcomer tomorrow night:

Intensivist Geert Meyfroidt, winner of the previous season.

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From the best quotes:

Astrid Stockman, on strange messages: “A gentleman asked me if I wanted to sell a worn thong. I replied that the price was 125 euros, excluding VAT and shipping costs. I haven’t heard of it since. “


Erik Van Looy: “Do you have a favorite currency?”

Sarafian: “The mojito? There is money in this ”.


Van Looy: “Which monument would fit my body?”

Jeroen Van Koningsbrugge: “The Chinese wall?”

Sarafian: “Stonehenge. This is also very old ”.

The best moment:

“It was a crazy time,” our editor-in-chief said after the final. Not long ago he announced he had cancer again. But that didn’t keep her out of the studio and she’s won enough episodes to make it into the last few weeks. “I agreed with my doctors this morning that treatment should begin between the heats and the final. I’ll be back in blood form, I promise. “

The ranking

1 Bart Cannaerts (14 episodes)

2 Jonas Geirnaert (5 episodes)

3 Liesbeth Van Impe (4 episodes)

4 Delphine Lecompte (4 episodes)

5 Jelle Cleymans (4 episodes)

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