As a result of the Corona Virus, the Mayor of New York and his 495 Staff Will be Sent Home

NEW YORK, KOMPAS.comMayor New York Bill de Blasio announced, he and his nearly 500 staff would sent home in order to overcome the resulting budget crisis corona virus.

In the announcement, all city hall employees will undergo furlough (unpaid leave) for one week between October and March 2021.

Based on the news New York Times, this furlough policy will affect not only mayor, but also 495 employees.

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The decision was made because the city nicknamed the Big Apple lost revenue of up to 9 billion US dollars (Rp 133.7 trillion) due to the corona virus.

Reported Sky News Wednesday 916/09/2020), they were forced to cut the annual budget of up to 7 billion US dollars (Rp. 104 trillion).

Bill de Blasio said that with him and hundreds of staff laid off, they could save at least $ 1 million.

According to the 59-year-old mayor, he will try to establish a new payroll system for trade unions so as not to burden the city treasury.

He admits making decisions that make him “have to hurt employees and their families” is not easy. “But right now, this is the only way,” he said.

Apart from implementing paid talents, Blasio also explained that this year, the budget for his office has shrunk by about 12 percent.

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He stressed that until now, there had been no talk of cutting wages for employees of the Big Apple city. “But I don’t know the future,” he explained.

Blasio also warned that as many as 22,000 engineering employees there could be fired if an agreement was not reached by the union.

He stressed that for the first time, they had a severe budget crisis and needed a loan to breathe.

Mayor since 2014 it intends to apply for a loan to the city council of Albany, the state capital of New York, which has so far rejected the idea.

Blasio did not deny that there were plans to lay off all civil servants in New York, which numbered 320,000.

“Everything is on my table. We are still discussing with the union all possible ways to save money,” he explained.

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