Arsenal, Gabriel Magalhães | Arsenal star Gabriel was attacked with a bat

The defense officer averted the robbery attempt with only his fists against an armed assailant.

The Brazilian Arsenal midfielder Gabriel (23) was tried to rob his Mercedes of two robbers, but got out of the predicament by striking and scaring away the attackers.

An article in the tabloid newspaper Daily Mail refers to images and video clips from a surveillance camera that captured the current event. The episode took place at Gabriel’s home in the London borough of Barnet in August.

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The photos were used as evidence by the Metropolitan Police in a criminal case against one of the robbers who has now been convicted after the incident.

The incident happened when Gabriel and a friend were chased by two assailants on their way home from a city trip.

Habitual criminal from Tottenham

The masked men tried to force Gabriel’s cell phone, watch and car keys into the Mercedes he had just put in the garage. The car is estimated to have a value of around more than 540,000 kroner.

One of the men who attempted the brazen robbery has been identified by police as Abderaham Muse, a 26-year-old drug dealer from Tottenham.

His identity was established thanks to the fact that he lost his hat that hid his face when he was frightened to flee, as well as the video images. He has previously been convicted of a number of crimes, which began with a conviction for illegal possession of a weapon as far back as 2009.

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In the garage, Muse tried to attack Gabriel with a bat, after first threatening the Arsenal star’s phone and car keys.

But the hardy Brazilian then responded by giving the robber a slap in the face. After ending up in a wrestling match with Muse, Gabriel also grabbed his hat, before the robber twisted loose and started running, describes the Daily Mail.

Sentenced to five years in prison

The identified perpetrator was sentenced to five years in prison for the attempted robbery in a trial last month. DNA from the hat determined that he was the person who tried to attack Gabriel with the bat.

The shocking images from the surveillance camera at Gabriel’s house were shown in the trial. The Brazilian’s friend, Rodrigo Tavares, was also present when the two were robbed.

The Arsenal player first handed over the mobile phone and car keys of the man with the bat. But the situation changed completely when Muse tried to use the assault weapon against the 23-year-old football star.

The convict, and another man who participated in the robbery attempt, fled when Gabriel countered and used his physique.

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The robbers also received help from a third person. The person in question made sure that the electric gates outside the house did not close while the two robbers were on the property. The other two who took part in the crime, besides Abderaham Muse, are still at large.

The attempted robbery against Gabriel is not the only thing that has happened to profiled Arsenal players in recent years.

In 2019, defender Sead Kolasinac made headlines when he apparently single-handedly chased away two men who tried to rob him and then teammate Mesut Özil while they were sitting in a car together.

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