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⦁… This Saturday, Vote for Proposition Distrust Debate But that was excited There may be an exception for Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha, Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Por.Pok-Gen Anupong Phaochinda. Because no matter how the votes left-right came out, 3 years of survival were safe, of course, did not affect the seat of the chair, but the other 3 from the Pracharat Thammanat Power Camp, Phrompha, Natthaphon, Thipasuwan and The Heng – Suchart praises the smell, it is not certain earthquakes, aftermath of the detergent may cause a shaky position in the event of a plum, receiving the lowest trust votes. While Toms do not trust in the opposite direction Higher than anyone, friend

⦁… a distrust debate motion Rules for counting criteria Based on the sound of mistrust When the rules are like this, the 10 ministers have passed a thorough cleaning battle. Because of the opposition vote – the vote does not trust. Less than half of the number of MPs in the National Assembly, the government’s side is the systemic majority. But Thai politics, pimple, rakee with him, alchemy, count the trust that has no effect under the constitution Perhaps it includes a sound of distrust that is not more than half as high as the ceiling as a measure of judgment.

⦁… Each minister is extremely afraid. I don’t want to have points Trust at the end, because on the other side it means that even the party together Still do not trust the full hundred The other side didn’t want to stick to the top number. High distrust points Because whoever Was complete formula The trust score is lower than the government’s full vote. But the vote of distrust pushes high, topping the opposition ceiling Inevitably affects the image Adjusted – Easily gouged the chair if there was an adjustment item.

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⦁… But as mentioned above, 3 years of survival is sure. Someone manage points for And get more and less It does not affect the position and the other four ministers of the governmental party are the same. In the case of low-high points on two sides May cause damage But in the party still stable, the agency is unlikely to adjust itself. If not so heavy be more than one can handle Really can’t carry 3 + 4 so it is in the category of political disaster as well.

⦁… The council closes the big job queue 20 February this next station before the vacation closes the meeting period 28 February onwards. There is another big-hot agenda to keep an eye on, that is, 24-25 Parliament meeting. Considering the draft amendment to the constitution, the focus is on Agenda 3, more than half of the votes alone are not enough. Senators have to raise to support another one in three or 84 votes, if the number is full, at this stage there may be no problem. But looked back and the picture was holding hands with MPs, Pracharath power persistently Together with the votes to send to the Constitutional Court to decide the power of members of Parliament on Dismantle the whole issue the day before Can only say one word Certainness is always political instability.

⦁ … Politics on the Constitution, another station That if you can pass Agenda 3, you still have to win another important stage, the highest level That is the Constitutional Court. Recently accepted the matter of the council, asked to decide two important points, this may be the turning point of the constitutional amendment. Especially the latter May go through Plan B The government wants to amend each section from time to time. Whip the gun quickly. The second plan is already in place.

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⦁… This Saturday, too, the 3-inch mob held a large gathering. Quit the same day Not yet announced But decide would not miss On the day of a meeting with parliament Vote for the amendment of the constitution 24-25 February, Burma dubbing Thailand, will certainly be another big gathering.

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Stimulate travel – Thongchai Krittayamongkolchai, President of the Khao Kho Travel Business Association and Sopthana Aunprasert, Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand Phitsanulok Office meets Krit Kongmuang, Phetchabun Governor To participate in planning to drive tourism in Khao Kho Ensuring tourists in the crisis of COVID-19 at Phetchabun City Hall recently

Reduce accidents – Pol.Gen. Adul Saengsingkaew, Senator Presided over the ceremony chanting sacred objects “Hong Kong Xiu God Medal” under the campaign to reduce the Chinese New Year accident, do not drive drunk Of the Drunk Driving Foundation, which Wiriyah Insurance Public Company Limited supported by Kanda Watthana Yingsomsuk Marketing consultant, car manufacturer and dealer Company representatives attended the ceremony at Dragon Temple, Kamalawat, Charoenkrung Road, Bangkok.

Join – Somkiat Makayathorn, Director General of Pathum Rice Mill and Granary Public Company Limited, joined the event “Mobile Pamphlet, Share Happiness to the Community”, donated 3 tons of MBKrong rice to help those who received Affected by the COVID-19 virus, Ramrung Worawat, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MDM) recently received a donation at the PAD

Celebrate Chinese New Year – Anthony John Tyler, General Manager of Mandarin Oriental School, Bangkok, celebrates the Chinese New Year. For the prosperity, good fortune, wealth, prosperity to employees and customers who stay on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, with Frank Drawong, Mayuree Laohalaksanalert, Anuwat Sangchindawong, recently attended.

Give cake – Manesuda Sila-On, Director of Sustainability Development and Corporate Communications, S&P Syndicate Plc., Donated a cake for the project “S&P Cake A Wish Make A Wish 2021… this cake with love forever”. The 17th year with Pimraphat Chavanont and Pensri Niemsaeng was awarded in the recent New Year and Day of Love.

Make a statement – Prasert Sinsukprasert Director-General, Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency Presided over the press conference of Thailand Energy Awards 2021 by the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency Ministry of Energy at the Grand Richmond Hotel, Nonthaburi Province.

Organize activities – Thai Otsuka Co., Ltd. One of the leading health food companies Organize a tasting booth to send “Once Complete” medical food products without sugar formula. For a group of people who live in a hurry Especially working age in the central business district In the event, there is an event for those who are interested to join the game and give prizes to participants recently.

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