Around 300 corona infections not survived

TDespite all the easing in social and economic life, the corona events in Hesse continue to calm down. Overnight, the number of patients considered recovered from their corona infection rose by around 100. This emerges from the data ring of the Robert Koch Institute. As the Federal Institute, known for short as the RKI, further reports, the Hessian health authorities have only reported eleven new Covid-19 cases since Tuesday. The days before it was 37, seven and 40. The overnight increase is just under 0.1 percent and is lower than seldom since the pandemic began in March.

Thorsten Winter

Business editor and internet coordinator in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

Since then, 11,217 people have been officially confirmed in Hesse. The RKI now has 10,400 recovered. The number of corona victims continues to stagnate at 514. As a result, a good 300 infections have not yet been over. This number has not changed significantly in the past few weeks; it moves in a fairly narrow corridor.

For two circles there is again zero

As can be seen from the new published around 2 p.m. Corona bulletin of the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs shows, for the districts of Gießen and Hochtaunus, with a view to the important seven-day incidence, zero again, after no rural district or district-free status had achieved this status for days. The seven-day incidence results from the new infections among 100,000 inhabitants within a week. The politically critical mark is 50. If it is reached, the authorities can withdraw or restrict existing easing, as happened as a result of the Corona outbreak in a major slaughterhouse in Tönnies.

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However, all 21 districts and the five major cities in Hesse are further away from this mark. The country has single-digit incidence values ​​everywhere. The highest value, a seven, stands for the city of Offenbach and the districts of Groß-Gerau and Waldeck-Frankenberg. Meanwhile, there are four districts and the city of Kassel on a one. The country reports a four for Vogelsberg, which has only reported 126 infections and thus the least of all circles. The poorly populated Vogelsberg district reported just as many new cases within a week. Frankfurt has 49 in the past seven days and 1852 in total.

Despite the flattening infection and incidence curve, Health Minister Kai Klose (Die Grünen) continues to urge caution about a possible second wave. “We will not be able to do without mask and distance for the foreseeable future,” he said on Tuesday during his summer trip. You are the “sharpest sword” in the fight against the pandemic.


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