Arizona Muse, from role model to environmental activist

11 years ago, the now environmental activist and supermodel Arizona Muse, took her big leap into the world of fashion by opening the Prada show in Milan. After several covers, parades and campaigns, quickly became a recognized face in the industry, with five US and international Vogue covers, among other prestigious publications.

Born in Tucson, Arizona, and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Muse grew up thinking the world was clean. However, after working in big cities like New York and London, realized the serious impact the industry has on the world and decided, then, to change the course of his life to dedicate himself to another of his passions: environmental activism.

Muse began researching everything related to the garment industry: where the materials were obtained, how the pieces that she used every day were made and produced, she saw and analyzed hundreds of documentaries, read books and also “Googled” a lot, as she herself comments.

“People sometimes suggest that models are part of the problem, but this couldn’t be further from the truth”Says Muse. “On the contrary, young women today understand how climate change affects the world. They are in charge of voluntarily raising awareness among designers and influencing them to find alternatives. “

Muse is working to get fashion brands to reduce their environmental impact, changing the way they participate in this world. Due to her successful modeling career, has had access to top CEOs and designers that help you make key decisions.

Today, Arizona has become a great advocate for the environment, assuming her new role for the cosmetic company Aveda, as the first global advocate for sustainability. She expect words like “repair,” “renew,” “share,” “reuse,” and “recycle” become much more familiar. for everyone. Unfortunately, the reality is that not all brands are sustainable and the financial path they follow is not always ideal.

I’ve known Arizona since May 2014, when I did my first version of 4 for Vogue Mexico. I remember noticing how her British side makes her a more reserved girl, while her trademark smile gives her that charming, alluring air that makes you love her.

Today, at 32 years old, and with a new haircut that she wore at our London photo shoot, Muse has become a world leader seeking to raise awareness, encouraging people to take care of the environment by making better daily choices. Fashion.




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