Argentine President Alberto Fernández addresses pertinent concerns over dinner with corporate leaders in New York

Susan Segal and Albert Fernández smile for the photo during the Council of the Americas meeting

(FROM NEW YORK) During a dinner organized by the Council of America, which took place last night in Manhattan, Alberto Fernández vehemently answered questions from Argentine businessmen and bankers who ate a green salad and a medium-cooked loin.

-Every time there was a Peronist government, things got worse-reflected a JP Morgan banker before the Argentine president.

-Peronism was growth and social demand. Then came the coups, and the governments of Menem and De la Rúa. Here is a distorted version of Peronism-Alberto Fernandez answered.

Why is there no agreement between the ruling party and the opposition on ten basic issues?the banker insisted.

-Oppositions in the world have become extremeThis explains why there had been no agreements between Lula and Bolsonaro’s followers; between Macron and the opposition in France, or what happened in the United States between Trump and Biden-, completed the head of state.

The dinner was organized by Susan Segalhead of the Council of America, who knows all the powers that be in Argentina and has visited Balcarce 50 since the Menem administration.

The event was reserved for the press, and the Council requested government protocol not to take photos of the businessmen invited, nor to disseminate their names and corporate belongings.

In any case, in the official entourage they revealed to infobae that businessmen linked to the pharmaceutical, automotive and food industries participated in the dinner and that there was a representative of JP Morgan and an investment fund.

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When the exchange between the President and the banker concluded, a businessman focused on the electoral process.

Alberto Fernández had already described the situation in the country, which he justified by the pandemic, the effects of the war in Ukraine and the impact of the drought caused by climate change.

-Will you be a candidate for President?-asked the businessman.

The head of state dodged the point question, while the guests prepared to eat for dessert a gigantic plate with fruits of the forest. “I make a bet on the institutionality. My bet is that there is a STEP in front of all”, pointed out the president.

Around the 23rd, with a breathless cold, the President and his entourage left the Council’s house at 68 Street and went to the Hyatt PARK Central hotel, located at 57 Street and Sixth Avenue.

Before going to sleep, already thinking about the bilateral that tomorrow will star with Joseph Biden at the White House, Alberto Fernández celebrated the birthday of Julio Vitobello, Secretary General of the Presidency.

Vitobello is a close friend of the Head of State and his faithful squire when the inmate with Cristina and Máximo Kirchner crosses unsuspected limits.

The celebration was simple and in the hotel lobby. She turned 66 years old.

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