Argentine experts recommend the mandatory nature of the Covid vaccine

Photo: Carlos Brigo

The Faculty of Exact Sciences of the National University of La Plata (UNLP) issued this Friday a recommendation to establish mandatory vaccination against coronavirus to the entire adult population, as a measure to control the circulation of the virus and prevent the appearance of new variants.

This was unanimously resolved by the Board of Directors of Exactas, which also recommended that it be mandatory for all students, teachers and non-teachers who work in the educational field.

The measure was proposed by the Faculty, in collaboration with the teacher and researcher Guillermo Docena, responsible for the Argenvac national vaccine production project, which is being developed at the Institute for Immunological and Physiopathological Studies (IIFP – Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas and Techniques – UNLP).

Medications approved so far have highly acceptable safety profiles

This recommendation is based on the fact that among the prevention measures adopted around the world to control the pandemic, vaccines have proven to be one of the safest and most effective forms. In addition, the drugs approved so far have highly acceptable safety profiles, which have shown high efficacy and effectiveness data as they managed to control severe disease, hospitalizations, and deaths.

The Faculty of Exact Sciences of La Plata, in addition to having Dozen as a professor and researcher, has had a very active and fundamental role in the framework of this pandemic since it provided diagnostic methods, serological methods and the development of vaccines against this disease.

Photo Carlos Brigo
Photo: Carlos Brigo

They explain in the resolution to which Télam agreed that “immunization of a percentage greater than 70% of the population is required to control viral circulation and in this way reduce the number of infections and deaths “.

In the resolution, the scientists who took into account that “the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing the fifth wave of this pandemic with increasing numbers of infections, hospitalizations and deaths, mainly in the unvaccinated, and that the projections in the numbers of deaths are alarming and it mainly affects the unvaccinated. “

Viral variants are the main threat to vaccines

They assure that “the Viral variants are the main threat to vaccines and the risk that this implies in the control of the pandemic, that the recent Omicron variant that emerged in South Africa, and is probably dispersed throughout the African continent and many countries on other continents, presents an infectious power greater than that of Delta “.

The resolution emphasizes that in Argentina the Delta variant was controlled “from its entry”, in mid-May 2021, “thanks to the available vaccines and the vaccination plans applied.”

It is highly probable that micron will arrive in our country at some point, warned the specialists
“It is highly probable that Ómicron will arrive in our country at some point,” the specialists warned.

“It is highly probable that Ómicron will arrive in our country at some point,” they warn but emphasize that “the Argentina currently has, and will have in the coming months, a sufficient quantity of vaccines in order to vaccinate the entire population “.

For all this, the Board of Directors of the Faculty of Exact Sciences of La Plata recommends “the incorporation of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 as a mandatory vaccination for the entire adult population in Argentina and its inclusion in the vaccination calendar for Adults”.

They also recommend “the intensification of vaccination campaigns against SARS-CoV-2 in children and adolescents throughout the country “and as regards that study house, they recommend” compulsory vaccination in students, teachers and non-teachers involved in teaching at all levels, to resume face-to-face activities. ”


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