Argentina sues America for duties on imports of biodiesel


The government of Argentina and LDC Argentina have filed a lawsuit with the American International Trade Court to cancel the dumping fees that the United States decided to impose on its imports of Argentine biodiesel.
According to the “German” lawsuit, the changing circumstances of the export tax system in Argentina allowed for a reduction in fees for biodiesel exports.
According to Bloomberg News, the United States imported in 2016 a biodiesel from Argentina valued at $ 1.2 billion, according to data from the US Department of Commerce. In 2017, the ministry saw that these imports were receiving illegal support and started charging them.
The US Department of Commerce says that the export tax system in Argentina is no longer designed to encourage the biodiesel industry that is extracted from vegetable oils or animal fats, by ensuring the availability of soybeans used in its production at relatively cheap prices. According to the Argentine lawsuit, the margin of support that LDC receives from 77.28 percent to 0.19 percent, which is a very small percentage that does not justify any American counter charges on the company’s exports of biodiesel to the United States.

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