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Apple’s recycling robot separates iPhones into 14 minerals

Apple’s strategy to manufacture its products “mining-free” in the future is progressing gradually. The central raw materials in the group’s hardware are to come completely from recycling in the future as part of a “closed loop” instead of being brought out of the ground again. Whether the ambitious goal can be achieved also depends on a device that the company calls “Daisy”. It refers to Recycling robotthat can disassemble millions of iPhones.

new Apple’s statements towards the news agency Reuters According to the plant, which is located in an industrial hall in Austin, Texas, it can now extract 14 minerals from iPhones, which can then be reused. This now includes the lithium battery material. Apple had previously taken tin, cobalt and rare earths from the devices and recycled them. Alcoa and Rio Tinto have also recently started supplying “CO2-free” aluminumthat comes from recycling.

Daisy is around 20 meters long and uses a four-step process for the new battery recycling process. Air with a temperature of -80 degrees Celsius is used to prevent fires. However, the components that Daisy wins – from the outer housing to the memory chips to the conductor tracks – have so far been given to external recyclers who do the actual extraction and refining work.

Daisy is currently said to create 200 iPhones per hour. Apple also wants to share the technical processes used with other companies, such as manufacturers of electric cars. Apple is aware that it will be a long time before the company no longer has to access mining. These companies have “nothing to fear from this development” and you don’t necessarily compete with them, said the environmental manager Lisa Jackson Reuters,


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