Apple Watch Series 6 has a blood oxygen monitoring feature: Okezone Techno

CALL Watch series 6 just released at the Apple event titled “Time Flies” on September 15, 2020 US time. The newest feature in Series 6 is the presence of a blood oxygen monitor, which users can use to check their respiratory health.

Quoted from UbergizmoOn Thursday (17 September 2020) Apple Watch Series 6 will remind us of the importance of oxygen content in blood. Since this is an indicator of the general health of the human respiratory tract, which depends on its level.

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In series 6 you will find out whether the body is receiving enough oxygen or not and how well the oxygen is distributed. Apple has also announced that it is working with various health organizations to investigate the benefits of detecting potential blood oxygen problems early.

Then Apple Watch Series 6 also offers an upgrade to an always-on display that is 2.5 times brighter than before.

Then there is the altimeter which is always on for users who want to measure their height.

Series 6 is powered by Apple Silicon, which is based on the A13 Bionic chipset. Apple claims it will be twice as fast as its predecessor.

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Apple Watch Series 6 features a new blue aluminum case, PRODUCT (RED) coating, and gold and black stainless steel called Apple Graphite.

Also comes with a new bracelet called Solo Loop. Made of liquid silicone, designed to stretch and does not require a buckle or clamp.


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