Apple wants to revolutionize the PC and has patented a keyboard with everything it needs

Since its inception, Apple has shown that it is one of the companies that invests most in innovation and in creating new proposals that change the market. Over the years it has shown this and now it may have something new to be prepared.

From what was discovered in a new patent from the Cupertino giant, we may soon have a new PC format. Apple seems to want to create a computer that gathers everything needed to be used in a keyboard.

This type of "all in one" proposal is not new and the market already has some very interesting ones available for users. One of the best known is even the Raspberry Pi 400, which brings everything this microcomputer needs in a keyboard.

Apple now seems to want to follow this path that still doesn't have many fans and create a proposal that concentrates everything what is needed on a single keyboard. With a simple connection to an external monitor, the user has a PC ready to use.

Apple teclado PC license

With Simple Magic Keyboard, Apple will take it to a new level and create a proposal that is easily transportable and that will be simple to use and to prepare. The user just needs to connect it to the monitor and power to have a complete Mac ready for a day of work or play.

To prevent heat accumulation problems, Apple will have prepared elements that will deal with this topic. The base of this new keyboard PC will be created in materials with high thermal conductivity to be able to control this element.

It is not clear in this patent if there will be external ports for connecting other peripherals. Of course, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are expected, but there is doubt about the presence of USB-C or Thunderbolt ports, either for power or for data transmission.

This patent was submitted in 2020 and has only just been published. It's apparently just an idea yet and there's no idea whether or not Apple will produce it. It's an interesting concept, especially when it comes to mobility and the simplicity of assembling such a device.

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