Apple promises podcast app improvements, postpones subscription launch

It will take a few more weeks to take advantage of Apple Podcast Subscriptions. The manufacturer has spread the word to the creators of its podcast platform: subscriptions will finally be available in June. Originally, this service was supposed to start in May, but since we are already at the very end of the month …

The final version of iOS 14.6, available this week, contains everything needed to support subscriptions and channels, one of the essential components of this new service (read: Apple Podcast subscriptions: a model very close to App subscriptions Store, including 30% commission).

In recent weeks, writes Apple, creators have encountered problems and delays in uploading their content and accessing the Apple Podcasts Connect portal. These bugs have been resolved, assures the manufacturer.

The other very interesting aspect of Apple’s message is that more improvements are going to be made to improve the Podcasts app. With iOS 14.5, it has deteriorated sharply, with a mess of quirks that have caused some confusion among users. iOS 14.6 solved a few of them, but that’s obviously not enough.

Apple: “We have also heard from users and we will make adjustments based on their feedback with iOS 14.6 (…) We will propose additional improvements to [l’onglet] Library in the coming weeks ”.



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