Apple Expected to Launch Mixed Reality Headset at Worldwide Developers Conference

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All eyes are on Apple, which is expected to launch a mixed reality headset at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in California.

This will be the most important product offered by the American tech giant since it unveiled the Apple Watch in 2015.

It is expected that Tim Cook, the company’s president, will use his speech at the conference to say that this product is the future.

But it is also expected that the price of the headset, which is about three thousand dollars, will make it difficult to convince consumers to buy it.

external battery

Apple has not yet confirmed the existence of that headset, but reports say it will mix virtual and real experiences.

Pictures circulating online indicate that the Reality Pro headset looks a bit like a wrap-around ski goggle.

And if the leaks are correct, Apple made sure that its headphones were smaller and lighter in weight, by removing the internal battery. And users will have to carry an external battery that can be connected to the speaker via a wire connection.

Apple’s disclosure of the headset at its annual global developer conference does not mean that the headset will be put up for sale immediately; Rather, it will be available in stores later this year, according to reports.

live feed

Rogers told BBC News: “If Apple succeeds, it will redefine our reality, both digital and physical, and push us into a future where the unusual becomes familiar.”

The conference will be broadcast live from Apple’s headquarters in California, via the company’s website as well as on its YouTube channel.

It is also expected that the company’s president, Tim Cook, will talk about Apple’s strategy for artificial intelligence.

Tough competition

Since the discovery of the GBT chatbot, which uses artificial intelligence, consumers’ appetite has increased to use the artificial intelligence product, whether through their iPhones, iPads, or Apple watches, as well as through laptops.

Apple is much quieter than Microsoft and Google when it comes to the AI ​​arms race. But advertisements for a new job in search of software engineers indicate that the American company is looking to enhance its expertise in the field of artificial intelligence.

Meta (formerly Facebook) is investing heavily in the field of mixed reality, which is now suffering, especially after the headset market witnessed a 54 percent decline in global sales last year.

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