Apple closes its stores in China for the new coronavirus


The American computer giant Manzana announced on Saturday the closure of all its stores in China until February 9, due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus that has already caused 259 deaths in the country.

The company said in a statement that it took this decision as a precaution, based “on the latest warnings from the main health experts“.

“We think of the people who are most immediately affected by the coronavirus and those who work against the clock to examine and contain it,” the text added.

In addition to its outlets, Apple also indicated that its offices and contact centers will also close until February 9. The online store remains open however.

The company said it would follow the situation closely.

China is the third largest market for the California company and many of its suppliers are in this country.

Some of these suppliers are installed in an area near Wuhan, in central China, where the outbreak of the new coronavirus broke out in December.

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